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Andrew Scholtz

Associate Professor/Chair

Middle Eastern and Ancient Mediterranean Studies


Andrew Scholtz received his PhD in classics from Yale University in 1997. Appointed to the Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies in 2000, he specializes in classical Greek drama, prose, and cultural history, and Greek and Latin rhetoric and historiography. His teaching interests include Latin and Greek at all levels, as well as classics-in-translation courses with a cultural focus.


  • PhD, Yale University
  • MMus, Manhattan School of Music
  • BMus, Boston University

Research Interests

  • The Passions 一 Especially Desire and Envy 一 in the Ancient Mediterranean World
  • The Social Psychology of Greek Rhetoric
  • Intersections of Ancient Greek & Roman Sexuality, Ideology, Politics and Literature
  • Literary Theory

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Selected Publications:

Scholtz, Andrew. "Concordia Discors: Eros and Dialogue in Classical Athenian Literature." Hellenic Studies 24. Ed. Gregory Nagy. Washington, D.C.: Center for Hellenic Studies, 2007.

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