Global studies minor

Global Studies Minor

The Global Studies Minor (GSM) is an innovative, individualized, and interdisciplinary program which builds a formally recognized intercultural, globally-engaging experience into a student’s degree. Through the GSM, students examine pressing issues confronting today's world and relate it to the full range of their overall studies, personal interests, and future goals. The GSM is a Global Learning Initiatives program, and along with Languages Across the Curriculum (LxC), embodies Binghamton University’s commitment to internationalization.

*The GSM is open to all undergraduate students who wish to:

  • Add a valuable global dimension to their studies
  • Expand their knowledge-base and 21st century competencies (intercultural, critical, and digital)
  • Further develop their professional portfolio by producing a unique, quality, and showcasable research product.

A Minor in Global Studies helps students become better independent learners and researchers

The Global Studies program builds on the critical understanding of global/local linkages to help students become better independent learners and researchers. We provide opportunities for our students to connect their personal, academic, and intellectual curiosities to their career goals through research which addresses real-world issues. These opportunities are enhanced by collaborative, interdisciplinary, and intercultural exchanges which prompt students to generate and/or discover new connections thereby broadening their perspectives and allowing them to deepen their global learning engagements. 

Our courses produce outstanding discussions and research that help students understand their cross-cultural exploration experiences as fertile ground for creative thinking. Students examine the intercultural dimensions of their major, and sharpen their unique international perspective.

Because the Global Studies minor builds upon the University's existing "Creating a Global Vision" and foreign language General Education requirements, students need only 24 credits beyond those requirements. Some or most of these credits may also count toward other general education requirements or for a given student's major(s) and other minor(s).

*Despite mass study-abroad program closures resulting from COVID-19, students may still be able to participate in the GSM. Please contact the Global Studies Director or Program Coordinator for more information.

In order to complete the GLST course sequence, students should declare the minor prior to the start of their senior year. Please contact the Global Studies Program Coordinator to help you map out a workable plan.

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