Why Global Studies?

Why do a Global Studies Minor?

The growing interdependencies among countries around the world are indisputable. As a society, we are increasingly aware of the ways global trends and processes reach beyond the confines of local, regional, national, and even international boundaries. Knowledge and intercultural awareness are no longer optional assets. Global matters affect our lives in ways great and small. Now more than ever, global matters matter.

  • Open to all undergraduate students from across the university. Complements and enhances any major!
  • Empowers you to chart your own path which reflects your interests. Consistently ranks as one of Binghamton University’s most popular minors & comprises students from every school in the university.
  • A highly-individualized and student-centered curriculum aimed at preparing global graduates for entry into a diversified world full of complex challenges and opportunities.
  • The skills you learn, and the work you do, in Global Studies can be applied to your current degree as well as to your future career - whether it be in academia, the corporate sector, government,  foreign or public service, law, tech, or in the arts and entertainment industry.
  • Demonstrates to students of all backgrounds and disciplines the crucial relevance and applicability of the humanities and social sciences to all areas of professional and personal life.
  • Promotes meaningful collaborative and intercultural learning.
  • Provides unique opportunities for students to learn and use 21st century skills in a variety of settings and applications.
  • Global Studies Capstone Projects are quality research and applied learning products, which can represent the apex of your undergraduate education at BU.
  • Global Studies Capstone Projects are published on online platforms for maximum visibility and accessibility.

Here’s what our students have to say about why the Global Studies minor is valuable:

I chose this minor because it allowed me to incorporate a global lens to my human development studies. It really enhanced my academics and broadened my perspective in all my classes.  - Joyce Wong

After graduating, I took a gap year to travel and then completed a master's program in anthropology. I first became interested in anthropology while I was taking global studies classes, so the minor has certainly impacted both my life and career. - Channah Leff

Honestly, this minor has impacted my life everyday. Whether I actively think about it or not, everyday a thought about traveling, studying, or anything related to culture and even people has crossed my mind. And because I have knowledge from this minor, I am always thinking about ways to improve myself and further my cultural intelligence. I really think this minor is beneficial for anyone.  - K.S.

I think Global Studies is not only a minor, not only some classes to take, but also guidance for seeing the world. Now I am a Multicultural and International Education major grad student… So I am always glad that I chose Global Studies. - Lesi Wang

Especially since I work in healthcare, and study to become a medical doctor, understanding that someone else's perspective might be influenced by their culture of origin, I wanted to learn and involve myself as much as possible in an academic environment that supported the exchange of cultural perspectives and ideas. So this minor gave me exactly that!  - Miguel Ezeiza Ortega

My experience gained through completion of the Global Studies Minor, allowed me to work efficiently and professionally for the First and Fourth Committees of the U.N. General Assembly. - William Ungewitter

One of the first assignments for the minor led me to a news story which I’d previously been unaware of and which I ended up using as the inspiration for a script I wrote which got me into several graduate programs — most of which were in England, where I had studied abroad. I ended up completing my Masters at The London School of Economics and Political Science…. I’m [now] a Breaking News Reporter… at the New York Daily News, getting to put both of my degrees to use in ways I’m immensely proud of. - Jami Ganz

Distinguish your degree, gain crucial skills, and build bridges to your future by declaring the Global Studies minor!