Risk Management and Administrative Compliance (RMAC)

Our mission is to assist in the identification, assessment, and effective treatment of  strategic, financial, operational, and compliance risks to protect and create value in support of the University's goals and objectives.  

We develop policies and practices geared to protect University assets, limit liability, and ensure continuity of University functions, all in response to a wide range of loss exposures that are associated with a world-class research institution.

Provided with good data about campus-wide risks, senior management is better positioned to achieve organizational objectives by:

  • Understanding the risks the University faces,
  • Declining or accepting those risks based on knowledge and analysis, and
  • Making decisions to ensure risks are adequately controlled and monitored.


...is the effect of uncertainty on objectives. Acceptable risk is based on a balanced view of all the risks (portfolio) in the University's operating environment.


We are committed to operating with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies.

RMAC houses the University's Internal Control Office, whose mission is to serve as a central resource and to provide leadership in the development of programs and practices to meet relevant requirements and standards.