License Verification for Michigan

If you are licensed in the state of Michigan, follow these directions to upload a .pdf of your license verification.

  1. Visit the LARA license lookup website
  2. Fill in the required information in the “Search for Licensee” section.
  3. Click “Search” (see below).
  4. If multiple records appear, be sure to click on your personal license number in the search results to open your record.

  5. In your browser, right click (or type control/command P) and then choose “Print.”

    Print Screenshot for LARA

    1. Change your printer to “Save as PDF,” “PDF Printer” or other .pdf option if you have one.
      Print Screenshot for LARA
      1. Save this .pdf to your computer and then upload in the appropriate location on your application for admission.
    2. If you do not have a .pdf print option, print the document and then scan the document to save to your computer.
      1. Upload the document in the appropriate location on your application. 

NOTE: The .pdf must include a visible timestamp to be considered valid.