Off Premises Campus Meetings

Policy Information
Policy TitleOff Premises Campus Meetings
Responsible OfficeDirector of Procurement
Policy TypeBusiness Affairs
Policy Number209
Last Revision Date10/9/2023


The University, as a general policy, recognizes that University sponsored or conducted staff meetings, conferences, workshops, etc. are normally conducted on a more economical and effective basis when held on premises. However, the University also recognizes that under certain circumstances it may be advantageous to conduct meetings, conferences and workshops at off-premises locations. Such circumstances might include the following:

  1. Adequate facilities are not available on or near the campus or other State installations.
  2. Most of the attendees are from areas throughout the State, making another location more economical.
  3. The meeting requires special equipment not available at University or other New York State facilities.

NOTE: Normal State procurement procedures must be followed for off-campus meetings and advertising will be required if space and related meeting costs exceed $20,000.

Location of Off-Site Meetings

If circumstances prevent the holding of a meeting at a State facility, it may be necessary to use private facilities.  In choosing such a location, the following restraints should be observed:

  1. Conference facilities at resort areas should not be used for any SUNY initiated meetings during the resort’s prime season. Such a meeting place would be susceptible to misinterpretation by the general public, as well as being prohibitively expensive.
  2. Campuses must submit clear justification for expenses in excess of the current per diem rate, set forth in the hosting guidelines.
  3. The meeting site should be easily accessible to all participants and not require unusual or special transportation facilities.

For Additional Payment Information

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