University Telephone Equipment and Services

Policy Information
Policy TitleUniversity Telephone Equipment and Services
Responsible OfficeTelecommunications
Policy TypeFacilities and Property
Policy Number403
Last Revision Date9/27/2022

Telephone Usage Guidelines


Telephones, including  wired desk phones, softphone and cellular phones issued by the University and paid for by the University are, like all other University assets and services, intended to be used for the purpose of conducting official University business.

Local and Toll (long distance) Calls

All calls placed from University telephones must be limited to those essential to the conduct of University business and should be as brief as practical. All calls should be dialed directly. Charges for all local and toll calls, excluding international calls, are included in the monthly charges paid by each department in their monthly phone bills as a flat rate. Department staff should continue to monitor the calling patterns of employees by logging onto the Telecom website and reviewing the monthly telephone bills. Each department should identify an individual who is responsible for the review and approval of all telephone acquisitions and related expenses. This includes monthly cellular usage as well as desk phone and softphone usage. Employees should reimburse the University for costs of any personal calls made on University-sponsored telephones.

Collect Calls

Collect calls should not be accepted, except when directed by a supervisor, or in actual emergencies.

Calls from employees to report absenteeism or tardiness are chargeable to the employee and may not be made collect. Calls of this type, which involve operator assistance, incur surcharges over and above the cost of a directly dialed call. Third party calls can not be charged to University telephone numbers.

Guidelines for Telephone Systems

Telephone service will be provided to meet the requirements as defined by the department head and office managers at the current approved charge back rate.

Data Connections

Requests for data circuits should be initiated by a work order request emailed to the Telecommunications office. Installation charges will be billed to the department or person requesting the service.

Voice Mail / Answering Machines 

Voice mail is provided to all faculty and staff telephone users. Users are asked to avoid connecting automatic answering machines onto the BU campus telephone network.

Enhanced features, i.e., speed calling, call forwarding, transfer, conference, etc. will be provided to faculty and staff at no additional charge whenever possible.

All off-campus connections will be terminated in Telecommunications demarcation points for the University.

Relocation, modification, or removal of telephone equipment, cable, and/or wire on behalf of or [JR1] by University employees, other than Telecommunications personnel, is strictly prohibited and disciplinary action may result.



Voice Over Internet Protocol refers to communications services such as voice, fax, and voice-messaging that are transported via the data network and internet rather than the public switched telephone network.