Posting and Chalking

Policy Information
Policy TitlePosting and Chalking
Responsible OfficeDivision of Communications and Marketing
Policy TypeFacilities and Property
Policy Number414
Last Revision Date8/24/2020

The free exchange of information and ideas opens a dialogue, and the tradition at Binghamton, a public university, is that the full exercise of First Amendment rights is encouraged and protected. The below posting and chalking policy has been designed to promote the free exchange of ideas and assist sponsors in more effectively promoting their events and make event information more readily accessible to the campus community. This policy requires the cooperation of the entire campus community to be successful.

Rules for Posting

Certain bulletin boards are available for open use and some are reserved for specific organizations. Flyers may be posted on designated event, housing or general-use bulletin boards. Open posting is not permitted on office or departmental bulletin boards, or bargaining unit spaces except by those organizations to which those boards and spaces are reserved. Posting is not permitted on walls, doors, painted surfaces, windows, ceilings, etc., in order to preserve University property. No more than one flyer per event is permitted on each bulletin board. Notices and flyers shall not exceed 11" x 17".


Chalking is permitted only on uncovered pavement and concrete sidewalks. Only water-soluble dry stick sidewalk chalk may be used. Aerosol spray chalk is not permitted. All chalking on campus will be subject to routinely scheduled removal.

Clearing Procedures

All bulletin boards are cleared weekly or based on a schedule set by building administrators. The University is not responsible for any loss of or damage done to a notice, flyer or banner posted in the building. Any posting that violates the above regulations or promotes or constitutes illegal activity may be removed and disposed of immediately at the discretion of the University. Additionally, violations of the posting policies may jeopardize the offending organization's University reservation privileges and may be subject to Human Resources or Code of Student Conduct action.

For More Information

For questions regarding posting and chalking on campus, email