Balloon Policy

Policy Information
Policy TitleBalloon Policy
Responsible OfficeDivision of Communications and Marketing
Policy TypeFacilities and Property
Policy Number421
Last Revision Date8/15/2023


This policy addresses the appropriate use of balloons on campus property.

Policy Statement

Binghamton University prohibits helium-filled balloons/balloon releases or balloon celebrations:

  1. on all University-owned, -leased or -operated property, as well as
  2. by any student, employee, campus guest or organization on Binghamton University campuses. 


  • Balloon bouquets may be allowed in buildings if they are securely anchored to a stationary object and will not be given away or sold individually. Balloon bouquets are defined as several balloons tied and grouped tightly together as such, they are not able to be separated.
  • All balloon bouquets must be removed from the buildings upon the event’s conclusion or deflated and placed in a garbage can.
  • Any type of balloon may not be given out to guests individually or tied outside.
  • The charges incurred for removing any balloons left behind or floating to the ceiling will be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.

Exclusions to this policy include

  1. A balloon that is released for scientific, meteorological, or research purposes by or on
    behalf of an educational, New York State or federal agency, or contract with such entity.
  2. A hot air balloon that is recovered after launch.

Intentional release of helium balloons may result in disciplinary sanctions

Reason for Policy/Background

The release into the atmosphere of balloons inflated with lighter-than-air gasses poses a danger and nuisance to the environment when balloons become entangled in trees and power lines or land on the ground or in waters, often far from campus. In addition, balloons pose a danger to indoor building infrastructure (lights, ceiling fans, smoke alarms, etc.). Invariably with released balloons (helium or non-helium filled), the fallout constitutes litter, disposal of which is almost always an act made illegal by state and local governments and can also violate private property rights.

This policy ensures that Binghamton University does not support nor should be held legally responsible for the acts of those affiliated with any balloons by sending a clear message that any type of balloon release is prohibited on campus. The intentional release of balloons may result in disciplinary sanctions and/or possible prosecution.

Who is Governed by this Policy/Applicability

This policy applies to all students, employees, campus guests or organizations on Binghamton University campuses. 



There is no procedure attached to this policy.