Recruitment and Initial Appointment, Professional Employees

Policy Information
Policy TitleRecruitment and Initial Appointment, Professional Employees
Responsible OfficeHuman Resources
Policy TypePersonnel and Payroll
Policy Number602
Last Revision Date12/14/2020

General Information

This procedure is designed to support the University’s commitment to equal employment opportunity/affirmation action, to facilitate placing employees on the payroll while providing necessary fiscal control, and to ensure accurate and up-to-date personnel and affirmative action records.

This procedure applies primarily to the recruitment and initial appointment of professional employees at Binghamton University. In the case of an individual presently employed in a professional title within SUNY who is being appointed for the first time on this campus, please consult with the Human Resources Office for details on a variety of issues including prior service credit requests, transfer of accruals from other units, benefits issues, etc.

Professional titles include all professional service positions (represented by UUP and management/confidential professional employees) except those with academic rank or qualified academic rank as defined in the Policies of the Board of Trustees. Appointments to professional titles with concurrent academic rank must have approval of the Provost and an indication from that office with regard to the academic rank to be assigned as well as the appropriate term of appointment. These actions must also be approved by the Chancellor's Office in Albany.

Processing of appropriate appointment forms may occur only AFTER the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has signed off on the Part III Affirmative Action Report Form, an offer letter has been extended to the person, an acceptance has been made in writing and the prospective staff person has completed required forms. The Human Resources Office should be contacted regarding required paperwork for the individual to be placed on the payroll.

Actions Required Before and During Recruitment

  1. In the case of a newly established position, the department must assure that a viable line is available for use - meaning both the line and funding are in place. The department must also provide sufficient information for the employment team within Human Resources to make a decision regarding title and grade for the position. Once the position is confirmed as available and the Human Resources Office has classified the position, the Budget Office will also confirm that funding is available for the hire. Then, Human Resources communicates back to the department indicating that the position has been approved and recruitment may commence.

    In the case of a position that is already created and appropriately classified, the hiring department must still communicate with Human Resources and the Budget Office to assure the line is funded for recruitment. Also, the Human Resources Office must review the duties to be performed by the position to assure the classification is still correct. Human Resources will also confirm that the position is on the schedule of positions record at the Office of the State Comptroller and that salary distribution is correctly distributed to the appropriate account(s).

  2. It is important to note that recruitment for positions is impacted by actions of other SUNY units. As per the UUP Agreement, employees who have been retrenched from other like universities have the right of first refusal for available positions involving duties and responsibilities that are the same as or similar to the duties and responsibilities of the position from which the person was retrenched. Article 35 requires that retrenched persons from this and some other SUNY units be given “special consideration” for available positions (which may not be the same or similar to their previous position) for which they are otherwise qualified.

    In the event that retrenchment, either on campus or within the SUNY system has occurred, the Associate Vice President for Human Resources will provide additional guidance to University managers on the subject of impact on recruitment efforts.

  3. All Affirmative Action forms and requirements must be met during next steps of the process. If the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has waived an external search, the requirement for a search, the department should contact the Human Resources Office employment team to ensure that internal posting requirements are met. Essentially, there are two kinds of waivers given by the Chief Diversity Officer; namely: (1) a waiver of the entire search and (2) a waiver of an external search, still requiring that an internal posting be accomplished. The University and UUP signed an agreement in 1997 that agrees, in most cases, to post professional vacancies on campus, soliciting the interest of certain categories of existing staff for such opportunities. Even if the Chief Diversity Officer has waived requirements for external searches, in most cases, the position is posted internally. As an addendum to this procedure, the UUP Internal Promotion Procedure can be viewed by going to the Human Resources website regarding requirements and parameters of that agreement. Questions regarding this agreement should be directed to Human Resources (contacts at the end of this procedure) for clarification.

    If a search is in order, the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion discusses and agrees to the parameters of that search with the department involved. Part I of the Affirmative Action paperwork will outline search committee members as well as where the position will be advertised. This form must be completed prior to any recruitment beginning.

    The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Human Resources Office work in concert with one another, coordinating aspects of professional searches. Once the Part I form has been completed, it is routed to Human Resources and then when appropriate budgetary approval has been given, Human Resources contacts the department, giving final approval to proceed.

  4. No faculty or staff offer may be made without approval for the position from the appropriate Vice President, the Budget Office and, when appropriate, the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

  5. Verification of credentials:

    In most cases, verification of credentials should occur prior to any invitations for an interview being extended. Either the search committee chair or the department head involved with the search should verify the highest degree claimed by the candidates to be interviewed to assure that they have the educational credentials noted on their resume. If verification does not occur at this point in the process, it must occur prior to an offer letter being extended to the prospective staff member.

Appointment of Professional Staff

  1. Once a search has yielded a successful candidate, the department should complete the electronic HR form outlining the appointment. This form then is electronically forwarded to the Human Resources Office where the appointment is entered into SUNY HRMS and other required systems.

  2. Appointment Types:

    The type of appointment to be offered is to be determined with reference to the position being filled. Temporary appointments are generally given to individuals whose service is expected to be one year or less or when an appointment is made to a position vacated by a professional employee serving in a probationary appointment or on leave of absence without salary. Sometimes, temporary appointments are also extended when the appointment is based on “soft” funding or funding that is not considered a permanent part of the allocation based at the University.

    Term appointments are generally the more routine kind of appointment extended to employees, ranging from one to three years in length and providing assurance of employment for that period of time. Appendix A, B and C term appointments are extended to individuals holding titles as named in those sections of the Policies of the Board of Trustees. Guidance on the length of appointment for these types of appointments should be gained from discussions with the Human Resources Office.

    Individuals holding positions designated as management/confidential serve at the pleasure of the President and their appointments are made for unspecified periods of time and may be terminated at any time.

    Individuals who fall within the parameters of Division I athletic appointments are subject to the rules and regulations of Appendix B 1, 2 and 3 of the Policies of the Board of Trustees. These titles were created specifically for individuals serving as coaches in Division I sports and for employees closely affiliated with that function at the University. Reference should be made to that section of the Trustees Policies regarding questions about term appointment duration and other provisions or questions may be directed to Human Resources for clarification.

  3. Documentation

    The originating office or dean’s office of the area prepares the offer letter to the potential staff member and after it has been signed and returned, this must be forwarded to the Human Resources Office for the official personnel file. In addition, other documentation that should accompany the appointment includes:

    Candidate’s resume
    Letters of reference if provided as hard copy
    The Oath of Office form

  4. Offer letter

    Offer letters are prepared by the originating office (either the department or the Dean’s office) and must be accompanied by appropriate forms and paperwork. Sample offer letters are provided by the Human Resources office for the use of the University community. Because of a variety of union, state and federal guidelines, it is critical that offer letters contain the correct language and information. Again, offer letters may not be extended until all affirmative action rules, regulations and procedures are met, claimed credentials of the candidate are verified, and budgetary approval of the position is assured. All offer letters are subject to final confirmation by the President of the University.

    Attachments to the offer letter should include:
    Acknowledgement and Oath of Office form
    A reprint of the Public Officers law (sections 73-78)
    A link to the Policies of the Board of Trustees

    The letter must indicate that those materials are being included with the letter. Reference should be made in the letter that the UUP Agreement may be accessed on the UUP website or by contacting the UUP President at the University.

    To accept the offer, the prospective employee must sign and date the acceptance, and return it to the appropriate department or dean’s office for processing.

  5. Confirmation / Presidential letter

    Upon receipt of all required documentation, the Human Resources Office will process the appointment and prepare an employment confirmation letter on behalf of the President of the University. This letter will include all of the legally and contractually required language to confirm the staff member’s appointment to the University.

    As the process concludes, then, all paperwork will be filed in the official employee personnel file attesting to the terms and conditions of the employee’s hire.

  6. Requirements prior to being added to the payroll

    There is essential information that Human Resources needs to place a person on the payroll in a timely manner. The newly hired person should be given instructions to contact Human Resources directly at 607-777-3321 to supply their social security number. Federal law dictates that all faculty and staff complete an I-9 form, which confirms that an employee is employable and has been identified appropriately as per the law. This critical form must be on file within the first three days of employment under penalty of law. It is therefore very important that every University office communicate this to the prospective new staff person to assure that their transition to the payroll is a smooth one.

    Any questions regarding appropriate documentation to use for this form or how the form should be completed should be immediately directed to the contact personnel noted at the end of this procedure.

  7. Benefits information

    It is also critical that new staff members be well acquainted with the complete benefit package offered by the University very soon after their arrival on campus. Human Resources communicates with all new faculty and staff regarding their benefits package and that there are strict deadlines for benefits enrollment and retirement system selection.

  8. Background Checks

    Please refer to Management Procedure #633 for complete details regarding background checks.

    Some offers of employment will be conditional and contingent on the University's completion of a criminal history check. After completion of the University's paper or electronic employment application, the following background checks must be completed as a condition of employment:

    • identity verification
    • employment verification
    • criminal history check
    • sex and violent offender registry check
    • educational verification (when required)
    • license verification — includes certifications and professional credentials (when required)


Chief Diversity Officer, 607-777-4479
Employment Team (professional), 607-777-3321
Assistant Director of Human Resources, 607-777-6613
Senior Associate Director of Human Resources, 607-777-4939
Associate Vice President for Human Resource, 607-777-2187
Benefits Team Members, 607-777-2042