Restoration of Faculty to Payroll Status After Leave of Absence

Policy Information
Policy TitleRestoration of Faculty to Payroll Status After Leave of Absence
Responsible OfficeHuman Resources
Policy TypePersonnel and Payroll
Policy Number605
Last Revision Date12/14/2020

Faculty members with September appointments returning from a fall semester leave without salary will be restored to full payroll status in the payroll period that coincides with the resumption of their obligation. They will receive nine (9) regular biweekly checks (January through April) followed by (8) checks at half-pay (May through August). These checks will total 50% of a full academic year’s salary. The normal September 1 through August 31 payroll cycle will resume following the eight (8) checks at half-pay. Faculty members whose initial appointments begin in January with the spring semester will be subject to the same payroll schedule described above in order to preserve their benefits and assure appropriate payments during their scheduled period of work.


Assistant Director of Human Resources , 607-777-6613
Payroll Manager, 607-777-2129