Restoration of Faculty to Payroll Status After Leave of Absence/January 10-Month faculty hires

Policy Information
Policy TitleRestoration of Faculty to Payroll Status After Leave of Absence/January 10-Month faculty hires
Responsible OfficeHuman Resources
Policy TypePersonnel and Payroll
Policy Number605
Last Revision Date1/4/2024

10-Month faculty are normally hired in September and are paid an annual salary over 12 months, from September 1 – August 31, for an academic year obligation.  Each semester of work equates to approx. 50% of the work obligation to be paid over six months in order to preserve their benefits and assure appropriate payments during their scheduled period of work as follows:

Fall semester (50%):  

Work obligation:  Late August - December 

Salary paid: September 1 through February 28 

Spring semester (50%):

Work obligation:  January - May 

Salary paid:  March 1 - August 31

Based on the above schedule, faculty members with September appointments returning from a fall semester leave without salary and 10-month faculty with an initial appointment date of January 1 will only complete 50% of their academic year obligation.  As a result, they will only be due 50% of their annual salary, which will be spread out over eight months.

In order to process this salary appropriately, from Jan 1st – August 31st, they will receive a total of 50% of a full academic year’s salary as follows:

  • nine (9) biweekly checks calculated at the full-time rate (January through April), followed by
  • eight (8) checks calculated at the half-time rate (May through August)

The typical September 1 through August 31 payroll cycle will resume on September 1st of the new academic year at the full-time rate. 

Similarly, if 10-month faculty have period(s) without pay during the academic obligation or separate from service before they have completed their academic year/semester obligation, they must be paid only an amount equal to the percentage of the obligation completed. 

Those faculty who leave employment after completing their academic year/semester obligation must be paid a balance of contract due to them if they choose to leave the payroll before August 31st.


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