Financial Support for Employee Development

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Policy TitleFinancial Support for Employee Development
Responsible OfficeHuman Resources
Policy TypePersonnel and Payroll
Policy Number609
Last Revision Date9/15/2023

Please review the NY State Training and Professional Development website for the most current information from New York State regarding training and development through New York State and the different bargaining units.

Types of Programs 

The University provides financial support for employee development through three types of programs: sponsored workshops, tuition support (voucher), and tuition reimbursement. They are designed to provide assistance to employees wishing to improve their skills, performance and career opportunities.

A quick summary of educational assistance is available at the University's Human Resources website at:

Sponsored Workshops 

Sponsored workshops are designed to provide employees with short-term training in an area that will be an immediate benefit in the work place. The University and statewide labor/management committees sponsor these workshops. They are provided at no cost to employees, but require supervisory approval to attend.

  1. University Center for Training and Development (UCTD) — The University Center for Training and Development is dedicated to offering Binghamton University faculty and staff quality information technology training and professional development programs. The facility is currently equipped with 13 PC workstations, including a handicapped workstation, and an instructor station with full projection and an Elmo. There are also programs online.
  2. The Public Service Workshops Program (PSWP) is designed to maintain and increase the professional competency of Public Employees Federation (PEF) represented employees. Workshop locations and dates are subject to change. Contact the NYS  Office of Employee Relations (GOER) for status of this program.
  3. The NYS & CSEA Partnership for Education and Training provides a wide variety of education and training services for CSEA represented employees. These services include: Educational Advisement, Adult Education Basics, Tuition Benefits, and Online Programs.

Tuition Support (Voucher) Programs are designed to pay directly all or part of the tuition costs for courses at approved academic institutions and these schools agree to accept voucher in lieu of payment. These programs are part of the negotiated agreements between the State and employee unions; therefore, there are similarities and differences between the programs.

  1. UUP Space Available is an official "forgiveness" of all the tuition (excluding fees) for one course taken at Binghamton University. *The program is available to UUP represented employees as determined by the UUP Contract . The applicant must be admitted (or readmitted) to state-operated SUNY campus on a matriculated or non-matriculated basis.
    1. Applicant must be in registered status for the course listed on the Space Available application form.
    2. The Program applies employee only, who may take one course per semester or summer/winter session, with a maximum of four courses per year.  Courses may not overlap.
    3. Employees completing graduate degrees and who have completed graduate coursework may use the space available program to enroll in up to three-credits of a faculty-supervised dissertation/thesis degree completion course.   
    4. For Binghamton Coursework*:  A completed online Space Available Application must be submitted to the Employee Benefits Office, Couper Administration by the end of the first week of classes to be considered a timely submission. 
    5. Within one week following notice of approval, applicants must complete a payment form in the Student Accounts Office.
      The applicant for the UUP Space Available course enrollment must pay all fees, other than tuition. Any outstanding obligations to Binghamton University also must be cleared before the registration process can be completed.

      *  This benefit can be exercised at other SUNY state-operated campuses, but procedures and nomenclature may be unique to these institutions.  Check their website or contact their Human Resources office.
  2. New York State and CSEA Partnership provide educational benefits to CSEA represented University employees through a variety of modalities. Interested CSEA employees should access specific information including parameters of the assistance and the process to follow for tuition assistance by accessing their website. Please call 1-800-253-4332 for information and individual educational advisement for CSEA employees.

Tuition Support Programs provide reimbursement for all or part of an employee's tuition cost. These programs usually restrict schools and/or courses covered. Some schools may defer payments for reimbursement program students. All of these programs require proof of successful completion of the course.

  1. State University Tuition B140 Waiver Program is an official remibursement for up to two tuition credits (excluding fees) for a course taken at a SUNY State-operated campus. The program is available to all University and Research Foundation employees, and the percentage of tuition that can be waived is determined by the applicant's percentage of full-time employment, the degree to which the course is job-related, and the available funding. The applicant must be admitted (or readmitted) to a participating school on a matriculated or non-matriculated basis.
    1. Complete Part I of the Application for Tuition and Fee Assistance (Form B-140W).
    2. Up to Two (2) credit hours per semester can be approved, based on available funding.
    3. Indicate the cost of your tuition. Laboratory and/or instructional fees may be included. University fees, Student Activity fees, and other non-instructional fees cannot be covered by the Tuition Waiver.
    4. The percentage of support requested should be no more than your percentage of full-time employment (i.e., if your FTE is 50 percent, you may apply for a 50 percent Tuition Waiver).
    5. Complete All sections in Part I of the application form.  Be sure to sign and date the application.
    6. Your completed application MUST be approved and signed by your supervisor in Part II.
    7. Forward the completed application to the Employee Benefits Office no later than the end of the first week of classes. If there are changes to the information given in your application after you have submitted the form, please notify Employee Benefits immediately at 607-777-6618.
    8. In addition, you must pay all applicable fees at the Student Accounts Office. Payment must be made by registration day. Payments made after registration day will be assessed a late payment fee. You will not be in registered status until you have completed all payment arrangements.

      If you need additional assistance or information, please contact Human Resources at 607-777-6618, or email  Meaghan Liberati at

Important News

State University Tuition Waiver approval is subject to satisfactory course completion. If you do not complete your course with a satisfactory grade or if you receive an incomplete which is not made up by the end of the following semester, your Tuition Waiver will be withdrawn and you will be liable for the full tuition cost.

Under current Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, employer educational assistance plans are taxable under the conditions listed below, whether payments are made to the employee or to an educational institution on behalf of an employee. Tuition waiver assistance is included in the category of payment to an educational institution on behalf of an employee.

Payments to an employee taking undergraduate or graduate level courses are eligible for exclusion from taxable income, up to $5,250 in a calendar year. Any excess over $5,250 is taxable. The $5,250 exclusion applies even if the education is not job-related.

  • The Management Confidential (M/C) Tuition Reimbursement Program provides financial support for approved educational activities on a reimbursement basis. M/C employees (Bargaining Unit 06 and 13) may undertake course work to improve skills required to perform present job assignments, to remain current with innovations and emerging trends in their field, to improve administrative and management skills, or to prepare for positions within University and/or State service. Non-degreed employees may enroll in an undergraduate degree program to qualify them for job opportunities.
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