Prior Academic Service Credit (As Approved by the Provost of the University)

Policy Information
Policy TitlePrior Academic Service Credit (As Approved by the Provost of the University)
Responsible OfficeHuman Resources
Policy TypePersonnel and Payroll
Policy Number617
Last Revision Date1/4/2024

The Policies of the Board of Trustees (Article XI, Title B, Section 3), provide that continuing appointment may be granted to persons holding the rank of Instructor, Assistant Professor, Senior Assistant Librarian or Assistant Librarian only upon the completion of seven years of full-time service in a position of academic rank. The Policies further provide that credit for up to three years of satisfactory full-time service in an academic rank at any other accredited academic institution of higher education may be requested, only at the time of initial appointment, and if approved, counted as part of the seven years of service required for continuing appointment. Approval of such requests for prior academic service credit, in whole or in part, or denial of such requests is within the discretion of the President or his/her designee. Approved prior academic service credit may be withdrawn, in whole or in part, within six months from the effective date of the appointment upon submission of a written request from the new faculty member.

The Policies, as stated above, shall be implemented in the following manner:

  1. The office making an offer of a faculty appointment (or the Dean's office of the division, depending on procedures within each academic division) to a title specified in Article XI, Title B, Section 3 of the Policies shall inform the faculty member of the possibility of gaining prior academic service credit. If the potential faculty member is interested, it is their responsibility to make this request within the time frame noted above, but most generally at the time of appointment. The faculty member shall formally forward a request for the prior credit, either via the completion of a form (required by some schools) or via a written memorandum to the Dean.
  2. The Dean shall communicate with the faculty member regarding their support or lack of support for the request. If they support, they will route the request to the Provost and await his or her response. When a final decision is made, it shall be communicated back to the faculty member and to the Human Resources Department and this will trigger an adjustment of records within HR and will become part of the official personnel file.


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