Payment of Leave Credits Upon Separation

Policy Information
Policy TitlePayment of Leave Credits Upon Separation
Responsible OfficeHuman Resources
Policy TypePersonnel and Payroll
Policy Number619
Last Revision Date1/4/2024

NYS Dept of Civil Service Attendance Rules and various contractually negotiated
Agreements provide for a lump sum liquidation of vacation and certain other leave
credits whenever an employee is separated from State service. Separations may
be due to resignation, retirement, or termination. Transactionally, separations are
effective the day following the last day worked at the beginning of business.
Payment for accrued leave is typically paid three pay periods after the last day
worked, and is determined by both negotiated Agreements, and Office of the State
Comptroller (OSC) Bureau of Payroll Services regulations. In the case of
retirement, the payment is made in the same pay period as the retirement
transaction occurs. It is vitally important that leave records are submitted for
approval when the separation occurs, to ensure timely payment. Unless there is a
delay, payments will be made via direct deposit if the former employee was


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