Appointment Process - Classified Service Employees

Policy Information
Policy TitleAppointment Process - Classified Service Employees
Responsible OfficeHuman Resources
Policy TypePersonnel and Payroll
Policy Number627
Last Revision Date12/14/2020

Whenever a department intends to fill any classified civil service position, they must complete the required web form requesting either a new position (if that is the case) or permission to fill an existing position. This form is reviewed and approved through channels, arriving in the Office of Human Resources for appropriate action. If the position is new, staff from Human Resources must be given enough information to classify the job in the correct manner. In general, that information can be included on the web form unless it is a level above SG6, which requires additional paperwork via the Department of Civil Service.

Once the request has been received and the position either classified or assurance is made that the appropriate classification already exists, the department will work with Human Resources on next steps.If the position is within the competitive service of civil service, the appropriate list must be ordered by Human Resources and canvassed accordingly to identify candidates. If the position is within the non-competitive or labor service, no competitive list is needed and the department and Human Resources will work together to see that the job is posted as per the union contracts.

Recruitment Process

  • For permanent competitive class titles, the appropriate classified service eligible list is ordered and canvassed. In addition, the position will be posted as per union contracts for internal consideration as well. The department must then schedule interviews with candidates. After interviews occur, the department communicates back to the Human Resources Office who they have selected and appointment occurs soon thereafter.
  • For non-competitive and labor class positions, the jobs are posted as soon as approval has been given to fill the lines. Human Resources and the department review applicants, and make determinations regarding which candidates are eligible for interviews. Interviews then occur and selections are made.

Temporary Appointments

  • A temporary appointment for a period of employment of less than three months may be made without regard to existing eligibility lists within the competitive service.
  • A temporary appointment for a period of employment of more than three but less than six months must be made from the appropriate eligible list but without regard to relative standing of the appointee on the list.
  • A temporary appointment for a period of six months or more must be made from among the three highest scoring acceptors on the list.

Temporary appointments for non-competitive and labor class positions also fall within the rules of civil service. As such, one six month appointment may be made as a temporary employee and in some circumstances, a minimal extension may be made for a given individual in this class of employment. Beyond that, only in very special circumstances may extended temporary appointments be made.

Appointment Process

Once selection is made, the department should forward an HR Form to the Human Resources department for processing. An appointment letter will be created in Human Resources, confirming the details of the appointment. All offers are contingent upon the satisfactory completion of an INS form I-9 and approval by the Department of Civil Service. Pre-employment background checks will be conducted in accordance with the Pre-Employment Background Check Policy.


  • Director of Human Resources, 607-777-4939