Emergency Evacuation Assistants

Policy Information
Policy TitleEmergency Evacuation Assistants
Responsible OfficeEnvironmental Health and Safety
Policy TypeSecurity and Safety
Policy Number801
Last Revision Date08/02/2021

Definition: A designated volunteer trained by Environmental Health and Safety to assist in the evacuation of the building in which they work in the event of an emergency.
Evacuation assistants, following established guidelines (as shown below) and training, shall assist in the evacuation of their designated area during any required evacuation of the building in the following manner:

- Be sure all occupants are leaving
- Advise occupants against using the elevators during an evacuation
- Check that all doors are closed upon leaving (but not locked)
- Where possible, assist those requiring help to evacuate or

  • Advise them to stay in an outer room if possible with a window and a phone or
  • Assist them to the landing of the nearest safe stairwell

- Report the location of any occupants remaining in the building to a University Police officer on scene

- Be sure to leave the building promptly and report to the designated location. Give the following information to the Responding Personnel:

  • Your name
  • Area of Responsibility
  • If any occupants remain in your area and their locations
  • Any problems you encountered

Evacuation Assistants will at no time endanger themselves in attempting to carry out these duties. In a hazardous situation they shall leave the building immediately.