Building Security/Academic Facilities

Policy Information
Policy TitleBuilding Security/Academic Facilities
Responsible OfficeNew York State University Police
Policy TypeSecurity and Safety
Policy Number806
Last Revision Date10/11/2021
  1.  University Police and Maintenance staff will continue to open and close all academic buildings (all buildings other than dormitories and the University Union).
  2. In the interest of personal safety and security, student access to academic buildings, i.e., after closing is prohibited: Only those with an authorized building pass will be allowed after closing hours.
  3. In recognition of these occasional and/or unusual cases, use of academic buildings by students will be permitted under the following procedures:

    1. Permission for each student (graduate or undergraduate) must be granted first by the faculty member responsible for the facility (room or area) being used. This permission must then be approved by the building administrator.
    2. The faculty member who has granted the request will initiate a 4-part building pass (available at University Police). This pass, signed by the faculty member, will be submitted to the building administrator's office by the student requesting the special privilege.
    3. The building administrator's signature is needed for approval. The 4-part building pass will be distributed as follows: white copy (original) University Police; yellow (1st copy) to be carried by the student; pink (2nd copy) for the department chairman; and gold (final copy) to the building administrator. This pass should be requested and approved well in advance of the scheduled activity.
    4. The pass must contain the following information:
      1. Student name and ID card number;
      2. Building and specific room or rooms to be used;
      3. Date(s) and time(s) of use;
      4. The serial numbers of any keys used by this student or by a person designated to supervise the activity;
      5. Original signatures of faculty member and building administrator;
      6. The name of the faculty member, teaching assistant or student who will be responsible for supervising the activity and insuring the security and safety of the facility.
    5. While it is obvious that the intent of these policies and procedures is to maintain safe and secure facilities, please consider the safety factor involved in opening or providing access to academic facilities between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. The intent of the policies and procedures to provide a measure of safety by providing appropriate supervision to students who may wish to work late in laboratories or in operating equipment where potential accidents may occur, e.g.; chemistry labs, shops, etc. or where improper use of equipment may cause costly damage loss, e.g., computer labs, etc.

  4. In addition to University identification, the student may be asked by University Police personnel to produce his/her copy of the building pass.
  5. Students requiring keys must acquire them at the discretion and request of the building administrator.
  6. University Police personnel will recheck the buildings after closing. Anyone found in them without the above authorized building pass will be identified and asked to leave. Any persistent student violators may be referred to the Vice President for Student Affairs who will review the matter for possible disciplinary action. Any non-university affiliated violator may be subject to arrest.
  7. Faculty and/or staff wishing to work after buildings are closed are requested to call University Police stating that they will be working late and giving their expected time of departure. It is also requested that they call University Police when they are leaving. This procedure will afford the University Police personnel a helpful update on what activities are going on in the building, and ensures a prompt response if they do not hear from the faculty member at the expected time. Again, the objective is to optimize the degree of safety and security of faculty, staff and students.
  8. University Police will no longer unlock any facility for activities without written authorization, i.e., reservation form. University Police officers will require identification from anyone in the building after closing and will confiscate any unauthorized keys.
  9. It should be understood by faculty, staff, and students who are working in academic buildings limited and/or controlled after closing hours that the building security procedures have been adopted not only as a measure to curb theft and vandalism, but also to provide safe working conditions. It is hoped that all concerned, through responsibility and cooperation, will join University Police in the strict administration of this policy in order to ensure the safety and security of our people in their person and property as well as assure the security and safety of our University and its facilities.