Prof. Mativetsky's work featured on back cover of Advanced Materials

Organic semiconductors are promising for next-generation mechanically-flexible, low-cost electronics. In their Advanced Materials article Prof. Mativetsky and collaborator Paolo Samorì (CNRS/U. Strasbourg) measure the transistor characteristics of crystalline organic semiconductor fibers. | Read More

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The Department offers four-year bachelor and five-year doctorate degrees in Physics.

Undergraduate students acquire background in most basics areas of physics and have the opportunity to work in experimental, theoretical, and computational research groups. Students are  prepared for further graduate studies, teaching physics in high schools, and working in research and development in industry.

Graduate students conduct fundamental and application-driven research in active areas of Condensed Matter, Bio-, and Atomic, Molecular, and Atomic (AMO) Physics.

Last Updated: 3/11/15