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Crystal structure of RuSrO3, which belongs to a class of topological materials known as a Weyl semimetal. photo

Nonlinear and Nonreciprocal Transport Effects in Untwinned Thin Films of Ferromagnetic Weyl Metal

Nonlinear responses possibly arising from tilted Weyl nodes observed in SrRuO3 (Lee group, PRX 2024)

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Schematic illustration of the electronic charge storage mechanism that occurs in chevrel phase (Mo6Se8) electrodes upon the electrochemical intercalation of multivalent cations. photo

Reversible Electrochemical Anionic Redox in Rechargeable Multivalent-Ion Batteries

Computational-experimental research reveals unexpected charging mechanism in aluminum ion battery (Smeu group, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2023)

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Schematic overview of the interpolation engine of EPW and its relation to the Quantum ESPRESSO and Wannier90 codes. photo

Electron–phonon physics from first principles using the EPW code

EPW code for ab initio calculations of electron–phonon interactions and related materials properties. (Margine group, NPJ 2023)

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