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The students, faculty and staff enjoy a few formal and informal (academic and fun) get togethers. We have annual 'get to know new members of the department' (faculty/ staff/ graduate students) in late August, harvest festival gathering (physics and chemistry department) around late october, spring student achievement award dinner in April, end of semester undergraduate and graduate TA appreciation day, colloquia throughout the fall and spring semesters as well as a chemistry-physics holiday party around the christmas holidays. The left side navigation bar has links to colloquia, photogallery from the events and deadlines (that are of importance for graduation...).

Journal Club

A semi formal setting in which departmental undergraduate &  graduate students,  faculty and staff gather and present academic topics that are of interest to them.  The event is usually scheduled on alternate Fridays in Smart Energy Building SN 2005 (floor 2D) at noon. Presentations are usually preceded by pizza. Presentations start around noon. Question and answer session follows the presentation. 


Fall 2018 Journal Club Presentations
Day & Date
Name of the Speaker
Title of the Presentation & abstract link
Friday, Sep 14, 2018 Michael Woodcox (BU, Physics)  Ab initio study of the mechanical properties
of Pb-based solder replacements
Friday, Sep 28, 2018 Ross Grynko "Experimental and theoretical studies of high
intensity laser-matter interactions"



Spring 2018 Journal Club Presentations
Day & Date
Name of Speaker and affiliation
Title of the Presentation & abstract link
Friday, Feb 9, 2018 Ioannis Giannakis (Physics, BU, NY)  Unconventional Behavior in the Heavy Fermion System USb2
 Friday, Feb 23, 2018  Justin Leshen (Physics, BU, NY)  Emergent Charge Order Near the Doping-Induced Mott-Insulating Quantum Phase Transition in Sr3Ru2O7 
Friday,  Mar 2, 2018  Stuart Shepard (Physics, BU, NY)  Density Functional Theory Calculations of Graphene Substrate systems.
 Friday,  Mar 23, 2018   Ross Grynko (Physics, BU, NY)  Studying Crystal Structures of Ferroelectric Materials
Using Nonlinear Optics
 Friday, Apr 27, 2018   Mateusz Zuba (Physics, BU, NY)  Theory and Applications of Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS)





Last Updated: 9/29/18