Graduate Scholarships

Scholarship Recipients

  • Galo J. Páez Fajardo, Fulbright Graduate Scholarship (2017+ )    
  • Taylor Juran, GAANN Ph.D. Fellowship (2018+ ) 
  • Sebastian Howard, GAANN Ph.D. Fellowship (2018+ )

Clifford D. Clark Diversity Fellowships

Named after Clifford D. Clark, a former president of Binghamton University, are highly competitive fellowships that are offered to qualified students who have been newly admitted to graduate degree programs at Binghamton University.

Funded by New York State and a small endowment fund, these merit-based fellowships provide a full array of support, including competitive academic-year stipends, full-tuition scholarships, health insurance, and opportunities for research and travel funding. Clark Fellows are guaranteed to receive this support for a specific period, assuming satisfactory academic progress.