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Science is our Superpower! What's Yours?!

Physics Outreach Project represents the science-education community outreach of the Physics Dept. at Binghamton University. POP implements entertaining science programs to groups of all ages, both on and off campus. In particular, we offer stimulating, highly interactive after-school programs to elementary school students that traditionally have little exposure to physics concepts.

Beyond the educational benefit to the audience, POP provides a great teaching and learning experience for our volunteer presenters, who enjoy the enthusiastic personalities and high energy level of our audiences. POP presenters are volunteers recruited from the entire Binghamton University student population, both science and non-science majors. All volunteers are given the necessary safety and content training before each program, to ensure a safe and effective presentation.

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POP News:

2023 Spring: A new record! POP delivered an amazing 28 after-school programs to 5 local schools!

2022 Fall: Pandemic no more! POP delivered a normal 19 after-school programs to 4 local schools! Also, the POP YouTube Channel is up and running, and we've added an Alumni page to this POP website.

2020 Spring: POP received a $5000 grant from SPIE, the Society of Optics and Photonics! This funding has been used to develop TWO after-school programs specifically for ... optics and photonics!