Maggie Fox, Class of 2018, Chemistry 

Image: Maggie Fox
Maggie Fox
Currently pursuing a PhD in Materials Chemistry and Engineering at UCLA

At Binghamton Maggie was involved in countless extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and undergraduate research and since leaving has earned the Binghamton Bearcats of the Last Decade (BOLD) 10 under 10 Award which is awarded to highly successful recent alumni. Maggie is now pursuing her PhD at UCLA in addition to running her own conference for women in STEM and being an active part of making large scale events more sustainable as a part of UCLA’s sustainability group. 

“Success looks different for everyone and will continue to change as you move forward in your life! I put a lot of pressure on myself as a Hispanic woman in STEM to succeed … however, I realized that success for me didn’t really look like I thought it did. I enjoy completing my research, but find success in seeing that a student I worked with understands a new concept or getting to see where the work I’m doing fits into the bigger picture. So even now, I’m still changing and defining what success is for myself and that’s okay!”

DJ Hennie, Class of 2020, Human Development

Image: DJ Hennie
DJ Hennie
MSEd candidate in the Childhood, Early Childhood and Literacy Education Program

DJ Hennie was recently awarded the Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher Scholarship for Teacher Education. This scholarship is awarded to “recognize a teacher education major who personifies the vision and mission of Chancellor Emeritus Zimpher’s commitment to excellence in the elementary and secondary teacher education profession.” As an educator, DJ hopes to make a genuine impact on the lives of students by building lasting connections and serving as a role model for the teachers of the future. 

Chris Thompson, Class of 2019, Mechanical Engineering

Image: Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson
Mechanical Engineer at JFK&M Engineers

As a mechanical engineer, Chris gets to be involved in a wide variety of projects spanning everything from healthcare buildings to botanical gardens to projects here at Binghamton University. Chris works at JFK&M Engineers which is a smaller company with around 35 employees, so he was given a lot of responsibility from the start designing and managing projects.

“Many of the courses I took in college, specifically scholars courses, forced me out of my comfort zone to work with people I wouldn't normally interact with. This has been a huge benefit to my career as my day to day involves working on a team with people from all different backgrounds.”

Lauren Nardacci, Class of 2017, Biomedical Engineering 

Image: Lauren Nardacci
Lauren Nardacci
Senior Analyst at Health Advances

After graduating from Binghamton, Lauren went to Stanford to get a Master’s degree in biomedical engineering. Lauren then moved to the Boston area where she works for a consulting firm called Health Advances. The company works with clients across the healthcare space including biopharma, medical devices, diagnostics, digital health, as well as investors in the space to help them with growth strategies and support commercialization of innovative healthcare products.

“Don't be afraid to try new classes, research, projects, clubs, internships that aren't what you're used to. You won't know what you like (or don't like) until you try it. Your career path is not set in stone and you have so many opportunities at Binghamton and within the Scholars Program to get involved in a variety of ways that can help you both personally and professionally. “

Sonali Patel, Class of 2022, Business Administration Management and Biological Sciences

Image: Sonali Patel
Sonali Patel
"The scholars program has allowed me to grow both academically and socially throughout the last four years. I am so grateful to this program for introducing me to my best friends and giving me so many opportunities that have enhanced my college experience."

Brandon Smith, Class of 2023, Biological Sciences

Image: Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith
“The Binghamton University Scholars program has been able to provide me with opportunities many students can only imagine. Being able to spend an entire semester working and researching in a hospital as an undergraduate was a dream come true.”