Adolescent Stress Research Study

Researchers at Binghamton University are seeking mothers and their 13 to 17-year-old daughters to participate in a study.

What is this study about?

Teenage girls manage stressful experiences in different ways. For example, sometimes they seek support from family and friends, and sometimes they use harmful coping strategies (e.g., self-harming). We are interested in better understanding differences in how teenage girls manage their feelings. We’re also interested in how teenagers and their mothers interact. We are looking for mothers and their 13-17-year-old daughters for a one-time assessment at the university. If your daughter is in this age range, she may be eligible to participate with you in this confidential study. 

What does the study involve?

Participation in this study involves one 2-hour visit to our laboratory on the Binghamton University Campus. During your appointment, you and your daughter will complete some questionnaire, interviews, and computer tasks. We will also look at your daughter's brain activity during some of the computer tasks. This involves wearing a cap similar to a swim cap with gel in it. The gel is water-based and washes out easily. Finally, we will also ask both you and your daughter have a couple of conversations together during which we will measure your heart rate and facial expressions of emotion. You would each receive $25 for your participation in this project.

If you are interested, please call us at 607-777-3304 or email us at  You can also click "Contact" on the right side of this page. On the Contact page, you will find a very short form that you can use to inquire about the study and request a phone call from a study member!