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Information Security Council

Governance is essential to the development and implementation of a security plan. It defines the framework and direction of the program and has the authority to effect change when requirements and/or objectives change.

Governance of the Security Program is the responsibility of the Information Security Council. This broad-based group represents the stakeholders for all of the academic, operational, business and instructional activities for the campus.  Security policies and procedures developed by campus units will be submitted to this group for review and approval. 

Members of the Council are listed below.

  • Andrew Weisskopf, CISO
  • JoAnn Navarro, Operations
  • Michael McGoff, Academic Affairs
  • Paul Parker, Research
  • Donald Loewen, Academic Affairs
  • Eric Backlund, Risk and Compliance
  • Cornelia Mead, Student Affairs
  • Sharon Pitt, CIO
  • Joseph Schultz, Human Resources
  • Amber Stallman, Student Records
  • Rose Frierman, Advancement
  • Jean Dorak, College of Community and Public Affairs
  • Patrick Leiby, Decker School of Nursing
  • Anna Addonisio, Harpur College
  • Ali Yayla, School of Management
  • Leon Cosler, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Douglas Summerville, Watson School of Engineering
  • David Schuster, University Libraries
  • Barbara Scarlett, University Counsel 

 The Information Security Council may be contacted at:

Last Updated: 2/1/17