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International Travel Safety Committee

The International Travel Safety Committee (ITSC) is charged with and committed to fostering safe travel for Binghamton University students, faculty and staff. This committee will have ongoing oversight on all matters pertaining to safety as it impacts international travel, including policies, procedures, practices and protocols that will best promote safe travel practices.  Its purview includes all faculty, staff and students on our campus who are traveling on academic and business purposes. In addition, this committee will, on a continuous basis, investigate best practices as adopted by other academic campuses and other organizations that focus on risk management as it pertains to international travel within the ambit of higher education. This committee will advise the President/Provost, and provide insight and guidance.  

  • Reviewing and recommending international travel policies
  • Reviewing health and safety risks associated with international travel
  • Establishing and maintaining a Binghamton University Travel Registry
  • Reviewing and recommending international travel insurance
  • Reviewing requests for travel to Travel Warning Countries


John Chaffee          
Eric Backlund         
Nancy Lewis           
Ben Balkaya           
George Bobinksi   
Lubna Chaudhry   
Linda Adwan          

Last Updated: 1/24/18