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headshot of Bryan Kirschen

Bryan Kirschen

Associate Professor; Chair; Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics

Translation Research and Instruction Program (TRIP); Linguistics Program; Romance Languages and Literatures


Bryan Kirschen holds a joint title in the Department of Romance Languages and the Linguistics Program; he is affiliated faculty of the Translation Research and Instruction Program and the Department of Judaic Studies.

Dr. Kirschen is a sociolinguist specializing in the Spanish language. He has published on Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) and the use of Spanish in the United States.


  • PhD, University of California, Los Angeles
  • MAT, Stony Brook University
  • MA, Middlebury College
  • BA, MA, Binghamton University

Research Interests

  • Sociolinguistics
  • Contact Linguistics
  • Language Variation
  • Documentary Linguistics
  • Language Ideologies
  • Sephardic Studies
  • Aljamiado Texts

Teaching Interests

  • Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (Span 351)
  • Spanish Phonetics and Phonology (Span 480D)
  • Spanish Syntax (Span 451)
  • Spanish Sociolinguistics (Span 480F)
  • Contact Linguistics (TRIP 580V; Ling 481C)
  • Language Endangerment and Linguistic Revitalization (Trip 582A; Ling 480Y)
  • Introduction to Judeo-Spanish (Univ 101)