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headshot of Juanita Díaz-Cotto

Juanita Díaz-Cotto

Affiliated Faculty, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies; Affiliated Faculty, Latin American and Caribbean Areas Studies Program; Professor, Sociology

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies Program; Sociology

Research Interests

  • Criminal Justice/Penal Institutions
  • Gender/Sexuality
  • Latinas and Other People of Color in the U.S.
  • Latin American and Caribbean History
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headshot of Gladys M. Jiménez-Muñoz

Gladys M. Jiménez-Muñoz

Associate Professor


Research Interests

  • U.S. Women’s History
  • Latinas/os in the U.S.
  • Puerto Rican Women’s History
  • Feminist Theories
  • Cultural Studies
  • Critique of Coloniality
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headshot of Ji-Song (Robert) Ku

Ji-Song (Robert) Ku

Associate Professor; Associate Professor, Chair

Department of Asian and Asian American Studies; Sociology

Research Interests

  • Asian American literature and culture
  • Asian diasporas
  • cultural politics of food
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headshot of Benita Roth

Benita Roth

Director, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS); Vice President for Academics, Binghamton Chapter, United University Professions (UUP); Professor

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; United University Professions (UUP); Sociology

Research Interests

  • Feminist Intersectional Studies
  • Social Protest in the Postwar United States
  • The Politics of Health Activism
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headshot of Marina Sitrin

Marina Sitrin

Associate Professor, Graduate Director


Research Interests

  • Abolition and Alternative Adjudication Processes
  • Collective Action, Social Movements/Societies in Movement
  • Commons, Commoning and Municipalism
  • Prefigurative and Affective Politics and Direct/Participatory Democracy
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