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Benita Roth

Director, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS); Vice President for Academics, Binghamton Chapter, United University Professions (UUP); Professor

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; United University Professions (UUP); Sociology


Professor Roth studies the interaction of gender, race/ethnicity, sexuality and class in postwar social protest. Her book, Separate Roads to Feminism: Black, Chicana, and White Feminist Movements in America's Second Wave, published by Cambridge University Press, won the 2006 Distinguished Book Award from the Sex and Gender Section of the American Sociological Association. She has also published on gender dynamics within the militant anti-AIDS movement, on racial/ethnic and class inequalities among working women, specifically domestic workers in the United States. During the academic year 2006-2007, she was awarded a 2007 SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching. She was an associate editor for the Journal of Women’s History from 2010-2015.

Professor Roth’s second book, The Life and Death of ACT UP/LA: Anti-AIDS Activism in Los Angeles from the 1980s to the 2000s was published Cambridge University, 2017.

Professor Roth is currently working on researching grassroots responses to the opioid epidemic from an intersectional perspective that considers, gender, race/ethnicity, class and sexuality as key components of these responses.

Professor Roth is the director of Binghamton University's Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) program (see https://www.facebook.com/buwgss/). She currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses that focus on social protest, political sociology, gender and work, the sociology of reproduction, gender studies, and social theory.


  • PhD, MA, University of California at Los Angeles
  • BA, Brandeis University

Research Interests

  • Feminist Intersectional Studies
  • Social Protest in the Postwar United States
  • The Politics of Health Activism


  • Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

More Info

Selected Publications:

  • 2018. "Learning from the Tea Party: The US Indivisible Movement as Countermovement in the Era of Trump." Sociological Research Online (1-8)
  • 2017. "Steps Within and Outside: Black Feminist Intellectuals in Post-war America." Chapter in Black Intellectual Thought in Modern America: An Historical Perspective,edited by Brian Behnken and Gregory D. Smithers. University of Mississipi Press.
  • 2017. "Intersectionality: Origins, Travels, Questions, and Contributions," for the Oxford Handbook on U.S. Women's Social Movement Activism, edited by Holly J. McCammon, Lee Ann Banaszak, Verta Taylor and Jo Reger. Oxford University Press.
  • 2017. "Women in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Movement." With Leila J. Rupp and Verta Taylor, for the Oxford Handbook on U.S. Women's Social Movement Activism, ibid.
  • 2017. "Women's and Feminist Movements in the United States: The Contradictory Effects of Class-based Success." Chapter 8 in Women's Movements in the Global Era, second edition, edited by Amrita Basu. Westview Press.
  • 2013. “Comparative and Historical Sociology,” With Jean H. Quataert. Chapter Thirty-six (original title: “Gendering Human Rights: An Historical Sociological Movements Approach”) in The Handbook of Sociology and Human Rights, edited by David Brunsma, Keri Iyall Smith and Brian Gran. Paradigm Publishers.

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