Pass/Fail Policy

SOM Undergraduate Advising FAQ’s

What are the normal pass/fail rules for SOM?

Per the University Bulletin, no more than one non-SOM course with a grade of Pass (“P”) for each full year of attendance at Binghamton University (mandatory p/f graded courses are excluded from this limitation)

Can SOM student pass/fail a required course this spring semester?

Yes. School of Management will be following the University changes in pass/fail policy for the spring 2020 semester. For this spring 2020 semester only, you will be allowed to pass/fail up to the 12 credits of full-semester courses or second half of the semester ( March through May) courses, which can include SOM courses, Gen Ed courses that have a letter (A, P, H, C, M, L, FL, O, G, J, B, Y, S), and elective courses. A passing grade is a letter grade of D or higher. 

Will courses taken P/F in the spring 2020 semester count towards my SOM limit of pass/fail (one per full academic year)?

Yes. Credits taken pass/fail during the spring 2020 semester count towards you SOM credit P/F limit. However, if students elect to take 12 (or fewer) pass/fail credits in the spring 2020 semester, and this exceeds their credit limit, SOM will allow the student to exceed the limit. This is true for spring 2020 coursework only. If you feel you may exceed your credit limit, please contact SOM Advising.

Will this impact my future?

We encourage you to continue to put your best effort into each class as you will have to wait to make this decision until after grades have been posted. While a decision to select a “P” option will not be penalized by your current program or by Binghamton University's Graduate Admissions process, the University cannot control inferences other institutions, programs, employers, and/or award committees may make regarding a “P” grade or how it factors into their evaluation process. If you plan to apply to another University or specialty program outside of Binghamton, please make contact with those institutions to ask about their policies in regards to pass/fail grading.

The NY CPA licensing indicates on the NASBA website that pass/fail grading will count towards NY state licensure; however, you should check with other state boards, if you plan to be licensed in another state.  Also, if you plan to pursue other licensure, please check with those organizations about pass/failing courses.

How will this impact the Dean’s list?

Dean’s list criteria will not change for this spring semester. Dean’s list will still be composed of students who completed at least 14-credit hours for letter grades. A minimum grade-point average of 3.75 is required.

Will Latin Honors be affected?

No, courses taken pass/fail this spring 2020 semester will not adversly affect Latin Honors.

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