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Global Health Impact Project: Several Positions Available


Launched at the World Health Organization in 2015, the Global Health Impact Project (GHI) is an initiative to evaluate the impact of essential medicines for diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS on global health. Our goal is to increase the accessibility of these life-saving drugs worldwide by indexing, ranking, and publishing the impact scores of these drugs and their manufacturers in order to incentivize the distribution of these drugs to populations that need them.

All positions with the GHI project require at least a one-semester commitment of 10 hours per week. Each week you will be responsible for several tasks assigned to you by your team leader, preparation of a weekly update of your progress, and mandatory attendance at a two-hour meeting.

There are several positions available within GHI:

1. Computer Programmer - The responsibilities of this position include programming software applications and building statistical models to automate data collection/analysis process for the Global Health Impact Index, and may include programming websites of the Global Health Impact Project. Proficiency in Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, etc. is strongly recommended.

2. Grant Writer - The responsibilities of the position include: a) researching funding opportunities; b) maintaining knowledge of proper protocols required for the proposal submission process; c) assisting in the writing of grant proposals; d) submitting grant requests within specific guidelines.

3. Data Intern - The responsibilities of this position include collecting and analyzing data through research and systematic review. The intern will build statistical models for the Global Health Impact Index, as well as important communication and teamwork skills. Required skills include proficiency in Microsoft Excel. Proficiency in R is strongly recommended.

4. General Intern - The responsibilities of this position include editing and referencing academic papers to be published, systematically reviewing academic papers to collect relevant data, preparing papers for submission, and writing grant letters. The intern will learn important writing, communication and teamwork skills. The applicant should have attention to details, high levels of collegiate writing, and proficiency in Microsoft Word and other document editing software applications.

5. Social Media Intern - The responsibilities of the position include managing social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and taking photos and videos of relevant events. The intern will also be responsible for the GHI social media campaign to increase publicity. The intern should have skills relevant to social media managing, video editing, and photography/videography.

Faculty Advisor: Nicole Hassoun, Ph.D.

Academic Department: Philosophy


Classification: Volunteer

Position Availability:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter


  • Freshman
  • Sophomore
  • Junior
  • Senior

Appropriate Major(s):

  • All Majors

Minimum GPA (if applicable): 3.0

Pre-requisite coursework/experience: none required

Application Deadline: rolling deadlines

Application Procedure:

In a short paragraph state the reasons why you are applying for this position, and send it along with a resume to Make sure your GPA is indicated.