Internal and External Awards

The External Scholarships and Undergraduate Research Center helps students find and apply for merit-based internal and external awards.

Our office maintains a database of external awards which we update twice each year. The Scholarships and Other Award Resources (SOAR) database contains opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students and includes scholarships, fellowships, grants, research and internship opportunities, essay contests, and more.

In addition to external awards, our office oversees internal merit-based awards such as the Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence, the President's Awards for Undergraduate Student Excellence, and the Provost's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Student Research. See current and past student award winners.

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We are here to help you navigate the world of fellowships and awards. Our Research and Scholarship Advisors have walk-in hours daily or you can schedule an appointment at your convenience. Our advising team will help guide you through the application process, start to finish. Below is a list of some of the opportunities available to you and the scholarship advisor you should contact for more assistance.

Award Name Campus Deadline National Deadline University Nomination Required Scholarship Advisor
Critical Language Scholarship N/A TBD No Vanessa Jaeger
Fulbright Summer Institute  N/A Early Feb 2022 No Elisa A Camiscioli
Fulbright US Student (ETA and Research)  8/15/2021 10/12/2021 Yes Elisa Camiscioli
Gaither Junior Fellows  12/1/2021 1/15/2022 Yes Vanessa Jaeger
Gates-Cambridge Scholarship  N/A Early Dec 2021 No Vanessa Jaeger
Goldwater Scholarship 12/4/2021 1/28/2022 Yes Susan Flynn
Hollings Scholarship (NOAA)  N/A 1/31/2022 No Valerie Imbruce
Humanity in Action N/A Early Jan 2022 No Vanessa Jaeger
Knight Hennessey (Stanford) 9/15/2021 10/6/21 No Valerie Imbruce
Luce Scholarship 10/20/2021 Early Nov 2021 Yes Susan Flynn
Marshall Scholarship 9/4/2021 9/28/2021 Yes Vanessa Jaeger
Mitchell Scholarship 9/4/2021 9/28/2021 Yes Vanessa Jaeger
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program 9/27/2021 10/18/21 No Valerie Imbruce
NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates N/A Mid-Jan to mid-Mar 2022 No Valerie Imbruce
Paul & Daisy Soros N/A 10/28/2021 No Valerie Imbruce
Payne International Development Fellowship N/A Early Nov 2021 No Available Advisor
PPIA Summer Institute N/A 11/1/2021 No Available Advisor
Rangel Graduate Fellowship N/A Late September 2021 No Available Advisor
Rangel Summer Enrichment Program N/A Early Jan 2022 No Available Advisor
Urban Fellows N/A Mid Jan 2022 No Available Advisor
Rhodes Scholarship 9/4/2021 9/28/2021 Yes Vanessa Jaeger
Schwarzman Scholars N/A 9/21/2021 No Valerie Imbruce
SUNY Upstate Medical REU TBD Feb 2022 Yes Susan Flynn
Truman Scholarship 12/4/2021 2/4/2022 Yes Susan Flynn
Udall Scholarship 2/1/2022 TBA Yes Valerie Imbruce