Micah Jumpp

Micah Jumpp's headshot for Schwarzman Scholars Program

Micah Jumpp

Schwarzman Scholar                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

     The ESURC office was abuzz Monday morning with the news that Binghamton University had their first recipient of the Schwarzman Scholars award. Program officials publicly announced that Micah Jumpp, a 4+1 student studying Geography who worked with our office during the application process, was selected for the highly competitive scholarship for the 2022-2023 year. I was able to meet and speak with Micah about the award shortly after the announcement, and her excitement for the program was infectious. By the end of my conversation with her, I found myself matching her excited grin.

     “I’m just extremely, extremely grateful.” She said about the news, “there are so many doors I know this opportunity is opening for me. And like, just even meeting the people who were in my interview—one of them was from the World Bank, like the vice president of the World Bank. Talking to these people was crazy and that’s just a little snippet of what’s coming when I get to start the program.”

     Next year, Micah will be spending a full year studying global affairs in Tsinghua University, a widely respected, Ivy-League bracket school in Beijing China. I asked her what courses she was most excited for and her eyes lit up as she replied, “Chinese social innovation. I didn't know what social innovation was. But it's kind of like inventing new poverty-alleviation methods, which is so exciting because you don't really hear about innovation like that.” The Schwarzman program will be dropping her in a social innovation hot spot and, in addition to her classes, she’s also especially excited to learn from her peers: “There’s a whole cohort doing this together, so I’m going to China, but I’m also meeting people from all around the world who share my passion.” She explained, “All these people come with their own interests and knowledge of their home country’s policy—it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet people like that.”

     In addition to classes, Micah's passions for justice and equity have propelled her long-term goal of building an international organization; Schwarzman Scholars will act as her launchpad. “I want to talk about these things like this—like global change, founding an international organization and getting it off the ground. I’m so excited to share that energy and learn from the lived experiences of global leaders.” Micah's goal for her future organization is to create solidarity and collaboration between social justice lawyers around the world who fight for poverty-alleviation and justice for the disenfranchised.

     Micah also made sure to open the doors for future Binghamton Schwarzman Scholars behind her, “I would love people to really look at this program as something they could do—to have more Binghamton students thinking of themselves as global leaders. And really get out there and just apply and try it because even just doing the application process is a big growth step. And having more Binghamton Schwarzman Scholars, I think would be a very big deal, especially as this program is building up prestige.” She left me with her contact information, and the message for interested students everywhere to look into this program.

     Micah also wants to encourage those thinking about Schwarzman to reach out to her with any questions they may have, she left us her email and her application supplementary video for prospective applicants.


We have the resources here. I was able to come to the ESURC as well as Fleishman for mock interviews to have multiple people look over my papers, and that was a big part of why I feel like I got this far. Even just if it's not for Schwarzman scholars, just going for internships and scholarships and not worrying about name recognition for the program is a huge part of getting out there.

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