The Data Science Transdisciplinary Area of Excellence (TAE) organizes and sponsors different kinds of events, which are described below. Explore events in the menu on the right hand side of the page. You can find webcasts of some talks on the "Webcasting" page. Subscribe to our Google Calendar to keep in touch.

Data Salon

The Data Salon is our signature event. It is an informal gathering where researchers on campus share ongoing data-related work with the data science community, with the objective of communicating with those outside of their immediate field. We then open discussion to all attendees with the goal of developing and identifying strategies, methods and related questions of interest to the researcher and data scientists. The concept of a "salon" is for a researcher to present problems and research opportunities in a domain-independent fashion that invites contributions and collaborations from different disciplines, rather than an evaluation of the merits of a specific result, as would be the case for a conventional research seminar.

Invited Speaker Series

For our Invited Speaker Series, we invite leaders in data science from off campus, including researchers, administrators, executives and policy makers from universities, institutes and organizations, to share their recent research developments or their insights on the data science movement.

Other Events

We organize events such as faculty-student mixers, workshops, lectures and data competitions.

We also sponsor/endorse seminars and colloquiums organized by various departments and units on campus. These events are often not initiated by the Data Science TAE, but by the individual departments or units.

Contact us if you would like to lead a discussion in a Data Salon event, nominate an invited speaker or request our sponsorship of a seminar that your department/unit is organizing.

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