Transdisciplinary Areas of Excellence

The TAEs address critical social, scientific, technological, economic, cultural and policy issues that can best be addressed by teams of faculty employing the perspectives and methodologies of multiple disciplines.

In 2013, Binghamton University developed a new approach to hiring faculty and supporting research by creating five Transdisciplinary Areas of Excellence (TAEs). A sixth TAE was added in 2018. All are areas of inquiry in which Binghamton has developed strength in research and graduate education and raise complex questions.

Steering Committees

Each TAE is guided by a faculty steering committee of 12-15 members.

  • The steering committees identify new faculty positions necessary to support the work of the TAEs;
  • participate in recruitment of TAE faculty;
  • offer seed grants to faculty through a competitive process;
  • organize symposia, conferences, and workshops; and foster research collaboration.

Since their creation, Binghamton has recruited 78 new faculty to the TAEs. These individuals joined more than 100 members of the Binghamton faculty who have elected to participate in one of the TAEs.

Seed grant program

The Transdisciplinary Areas of Excellence (TAE) Seed Grant Program funds collaborative projects that connect faculty across different methodologies and disciplinary specific understandings in order to stimulate the advancement of new ideas that can build Binghamton University's expertise and reputation.

Letters of Intent

Deadline for submission of Letters of Intent is past. LOIs are required for proposals with a large budget and strongly recommended for all proposals.

Request for Proposals

To apply for a TAE Seed Grant, complete the cover page and budget page, then submit your proposal online. The submission deadline for proposals is passed. Watch for details on the next cycle to be announced here. 

Contact us

The TAE central office is located in Academic A, Room 330. 

TAE Administration: Amy Keough
TAE Administrative Assistant: Lindsay Buchta