Campus Activities Jobs

We're looking for passionate, team-oriented students to work with us. Job options change during the semester so check back to see what's available:

Campus Activities Event Security Staff

When hosting an event in the Anderson Center, the Events Center, the Undergrounds, or the East/West gyms, you may be asked to hire our staff.

The associate director for Campus Activities, Jennifer Keegin, will meet with you in advance to plan out needs and requirements in order to provide the necessary staff for each specific event. We will conduct an assessment to deal with any and every possible risk. This team would be tailored to help you with everything from standard security to implementing crowd control, door screeners, bag checkers and so on.

Services offered:

  • Special events
  • Sporting events
  • Student Organization Events in the Undergrounds
  • Concerts

Binghamton University's Campus Activities office offers an undergraduate student event staff that is dedicated to keeping a safe environment for all major university-wide campus events. From concerts to cultural events, the staff is trained in event risk management and is equipped to handle event security issues working in conjunction with University Police and Harper's Ferry (the BU Student Ambulance service). Always alert to the situations surrounding them during events, our staff look for potential problems or threats and do their best to control the situation as fast as possible.

Event Staff Applications are accepted in March through B-Engaged. Interviews are required, Resumes encouraged. 

Yearbook Editor

The primary purpose of this position is to gather, organize and produce the Binghamton University yearbook. This position carries an array of duties including but not limited to: graphic design, time management, information organization, and communicating with various university departments. 

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Receiving training from our yearbook and photography partners.
  • Ability to edit pictures for placement into the yearbook.
  • Utilizing StudioWorks for generating the yearbook layout.
  • Developing a timeline for gathering content and layout deadlines.
  • Ensuring all designated tasks are completed by their prescribed deadlines.
  • Responsible for layout/design art for all pages in the book.
  • Writing stories, captions, and headlines for all pages.
  • Ensuring the Yearbook Photographer(s) attends and photographs relevant University events for inclusion in the yearbook.
  • Gathering information from various departments including Athletics, Recreational Sports, Residence Life, and others.
  • Ensuring that all equipment, software, hardware, jump drives etc. are kept in order.
  • Assuring theme development throughout the book.
  • Keeping in constant contact with the Yearbook Advisor to include bi-weekly meetings.


The position will begin in May of 2017 and run until the yearbook is finished and published in March of 2018. The stipend for the position will be $1,000 upon completion of the 2017 yearbook.

To Apply:

Please send a copy of your resume, a letter of interest and some samples of your writing and/or graphic work that would be relevant to this position to: Jennifer Keegin, Associate Director for Campus Activities / Yearbook Advisor, UUW205 or

Student Photographer(s)

Campus Activities is looking for a student photographer interested in capturing the student life experience at Binghamton University through the events put on by student organizations and the Dean of Students functional areas. Pictures taken will be used for social media and the University Yearbook.

Desired skills and qualifications: Preference will be given those who own a 35mm DSLR and those who have taken or are taking photography courses at Binghamton University. Knowledge of Lightroom, Photoshop or similar photography software preferred. Candidates should be able to provide a link to a website or on-line portfolio to highlight your work.

What skills will the student develop? Through this position, you will further develop skills necessary to be successful in the media, gain experience in a professional environment, improve your photography, work with a supportive staff, get your work published and begin to build a professional network.

Pay Rate: $9.75 per hour

Hours / week: You will work 6-15 hours a week, at varying hours, but not conflicting with classes. Most of the time will be spent in the field.

To Apply:

Please send a copy of your resume, a letter of interest and some samples of your photography that would be relevant to this position to: Jennifer Keegin, Associate Director for Campus Activities / Yearbook Advisor -


Last Updated: 2/27/17