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Two Students


Two Students




David Bartine
Associate Professor and Graduate Director, English Department; Critical theory, Cultural studies, Rhetorical theory,Modern poetry. x2169

Joseph Church
Associate Professor, English Department; 19th century American literature, Literature and psychology. x2534

Jaimee Wriston Colbert
Professor, English Department; Creative Writing, and Contemporary Literature. x6124

Michael Conlon
Associate Professor, English Department; Restoration and 18th-century British literature, Early modern novel, Satire, Jonathan Swift. x2646

Marilynn Desmond
Distinguished Professor, English Department; Medieval literature, Classics and Medieval narrative, Narrative, Chaucer. x6408

Lois Einhorn
Professor, English Department; Rhetorical theory and criticism, Organizational communication. x6703

Pamela Gay
Associate Professor of English; Associate Faculty, Creative Writing

Praseeda Gopinath
Associate Professor, English Department; 20th Century British Literature. x2033

Maria Mazziotti Gillan
Professor, English Department; Poetry, Multicultural Literature, Contemporary Women Poets, and Working Class Literature. x6134

Thomas Glave
Professor, English Department; Creative writing: Fiction; Caribbean and African American Literature, queer/ LGBT literature.  x2894

Mary Haupt
Lecturer, English Department; Print Journalism -- reporting, editing, feature writing, opinion writing. x2248

John Owen Havard
Assistant Professor, English Department; 18th-Century British Literature, Romanticism, Transatlantic Studies, Literature and Politics, Critical Theory. x2754

Scott Henkel
Assistant Professor, English Department; Literatures of the Americas; Political Movements; Globalization and Literary Theory;  x4207

Leslie Heywood
Professor, English Department; Sports studies, 20th-century literature, Feminist and critical theory, Cultural studies, Modernism/Postmodernism, creative non-fiction, environmental studies. x2104

Olivia Holmes
Associate Professor, English and Medieval Studies; Medieval Studies, Early Modern Studies, Gender and Sexualities, Rhetorical Discourse, Italian Literature, Troubadours, Authorship, Book History;  x5400

Joseph A. Keith
Associate Professor, English Department; Modern U.S. and British Literature, Culture of U.S. Imperialism, x2353

Kelly Kinney
Assistant Professor and Director of Composition, English Department. x4512

Joe Leeson-Schatz
Director of Debate, Lecturer in English

Aja Y. Martinez
Assistant Professor, English Department and the Writing Initiative. x6126

Monika Mehta
Associate Professor, English Department; New Media & Film Studies; Cinemas in South Asia; Postcolonial Critique; Theories of Nation-State; Globalization, Diaspora and Cultural Production; Contemporary Critical Theory; Feminist and Sexuality Studies. x2318

Robert Micklus
Associate Professor, Chair, and Undergraduate Director, English Department; Early American literature, Southern fiction, American humor. x2758

Nicholas Nace
Visiting Assistant Professor, English Department; Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century British Literature.  x5310

Jean-Pierre (Peter) Mileur
Professor, English Department; x6042

Richard P. Pindell
Associate Professor, English Department; The Novel, Creative writing, Southern literature. x2758  

Liz Rosenberg
Professor, English Department; Creative Writing. x2574

Michael D. Sharp
Lecturer, English Department; Medieval Literature. x2418

William V. Spanos
Distinguished Professor, English Department; Postmodernism, Contemporary theory, New American studies. x2743

Jennifer Stoever-Ackerman
Assistant Professor, English Department; African American Literature and Culture, 19th and 20th century American Literature, American Studies, Popular Music, Sound and Audio Culture Studies, and Race and theories of Representation. x5494

Susan Strehle
Distinguished Service Professor, English Department; American literature, Contemporary fiction, Women writers. x2169

Albert Tricomi
Distinguished Teaching Professor, English Department; Renaissance drama, New historicism, Shakespeare. x6403

Elizabeth Tucker
Professor, English Department; Folklore, Fantasy. x4455

John Vernon
Distinguished Professor, English Department; Modern literature, Creative Writing, Literature of the American West. x2750

Alvin Vos
Associate Professor and Master of Hinman College; Renaissance literature and culture, Shakespeare, Colonial/Post-colonial studies. x4716

Andrew Walkling
Dean's Assistant Professor of Early Modern Studies, English, Theatre, and Art History. x5251

Joseph Weil
Assistant Professor, English Department

Gayle Whittier
Associate Professor, English Department; Creative Writing, Shakespeare, Selected aspects of modern literature. x2749

Lisa Yun
Associate Professor, English Department; Asian American literature, Asian diasporic studies, Comparative Ethnic Studies, creative writing, postcolonial literature, theory. x6405

Alexi Zentner
Assistant Professor, English Department; Creative Writing.

Emeriti Faculty

Martin Bidney
Professor Emeritus, PhD, 1971, Indiana Univeristy: 19th-century English literature, Russian literature, Blake.

Norman T. Burns
Associate Professor Emeritus, PhD, 1967, University of Michigan: Renaissance literature, Milton, social and intellectual history.

Charles A. Carpenter
Professor Emeritus, PhD, 1963, Cornell University: Modern Dramatic Literature

Mario Di Cesare
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, PhD, 1960, Columbia University: Renaissance literature (European and English), epic poetry, 17th-century literature, Milton.

Vincent Freimarck
Professor Emeritus, PhD, 1950, Cornell University: American literature, 18th-century literature.

Rosalind Gabin
Associate Professor Emerita, PhD, 1961, University of California at Berkeley: Romance literature, rhetoric.

John H. Hagan
Professor Emeritus, PhD, 1957, University of Chicago: 19th--century novel (English, American and continental), some 20th-century novelists.

Elizabeth K. Hewitt
Associate Professor Emerita, PhD, 1969, State University of New York at Buffalo: Stylistics, modern poetry, modern literature, language.

Bernard Levy
Professor Emeritus, PhD, 1961, University of California at Berkeley: Chaucer, Middle English literature, medieval literature, editor of Mediaevalia.

Richard McLain
Associate Professor Emeritus, English language, Linguistics, Literary criticism, Modern literature. x4714

Francis X. Newman
Associate Professor Emeritus, Medieval literature. x2586

Wilhelm F. Nicolaisen
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, DPhil, 1955, University of Tübingen: Language, folklore, names.

Bernard Rosenthal
Professor, English Department; Colonial and 19C American literature. x2353

Elias Schwartz
Professor Emeritus, PhD, 1954, Stanford University: Criticism, Shakespeare, the English lyric.

Melvin Seiden
Professor Emeritus PhD, 1956, University of Minnesota: Renaissance drama, criticism, the novel.

Ruth Stone
Professor Emerita, BA, Harvard University: Creative writing.

Barry Targan
Professor Emeritus PhD, 1962, Brandeis University: British and American literature, creative writing.

Eugene Vasilew
Associate Professor Emeritus, PhD, 1955, Ohio State University: Rhetoric, communications, speech.

John D. Walker
Associate Professor Emeritus PhD, 1967, University of Florida: 18th-century English literature, Restoration literature.

Grant Webster
Professor Emeritus, PhD, 1963, Ohio State University:18th Century English Literature, Landscape and Literature, Literature of the English Country House, Caricatures, Prints, and Book Illustration. x2352

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