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@binghamtonu is ranked #99 in @businessinsider's list of 600 Smartest Colleges in America: goo.gl/XlHwBB

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In this edition of the Binghamton Buzz, a video series produced by students for students, we check out the Bubble Soccer craze. Enjoy!

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Want to try zumba, yoga or spinning? A membership to our Rec Center gives you access to the 100+ group fitness classes we offer each week, plus the latest cardiovascular equipment.

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In celebration of Homecoming Weekend, here’s a list of 13 Notable Binghamton Alumni You Probably Didn't Know About (but should)

Matt McCoy

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Matt McCoy prevents the ball from going out of bounds during a game with Syracuse University. The Bearcats face Columbia at 7 p.m. tonight, Oct. 22, at the Bearcats Sports Complex.