Parking Permits Options

2015-16 Online Permit Sales Now Available

Faculty, staff, students, and long-term guests can now purchase parking permits online at If you are affiliated with the university you will need your PODS ID and password to login. If you are a guest, you will be able to create an account.

If you intend to buy a permit online but have never registered your vehicle with us, please email a clear, readable copy of your vehicle registration along with your full name and B# to (do not send insurance information or vehicle titles). Your vehicle will be added to your account within two business days or less. Sign on to your account to confirm the addition. A return email will NOT be sent by Parking Services.

Annual, Fall, Evening, and Faculty/Staff hangtags as well as registration decals for employees represented by specific unions are all available for sale online. Additional permits will become available for the Winter term, in the Spring semester, and again during the summer.

Day permits, month permits, proximity card permits (garage and paid lot), any payroll deducted permit, service hangtags and decals, and motorcycle permits for students must all be purchased in the Parking Services office.

Special Note for GSEU Members

GSEU members whose paperwork has been processed in their department can now buy permits online at the discounted price and have the permit mailed to an address of your choice.

Single semester GSEU members can only buy the semester permit (Fall or Spring as appropriate) at the discounted rate. Full year permits are still at the full year price.

Continuous, one year GSEU members can buy the full year permit at the discounted rate. Semester permits are still at the full semester price.

GSEU members who hold one position during the Fall and then a different one in the Spring will need to contact Parking Services at 607-777-2262 or send an email to If we see that you are funded for both the Fall and Spring, we will set your classification to Annual GSEU and you will then be able to buy online at the discounted annual rate.

Special Note for Veteran Students

Students who are veterans and who show us a copy of their DD214 can purchase full-year, semester, and evening permits by paying only the $25 registration fee. If your permit choices show any amount other than $0 in the Permit Fee column online, you will need to show us a copy of your DD214. Once this is done, you will be able to buy online at the reduced rate in future years without showing us any further paperwork.


Parking Permit Locations

Hangtags are to be hung from the rear view mirror with the colored side facing out the front window whenever the vehicle is parked on University property.

Decals are to be displayed on the driver's side rear window. Decals must be peeled from their backing and applied directly to the outside of the window. They may not be temporarily applied to vehicle nor can they be affixed to the inside of the window.

car with instruction on where to put parking permits.

Last Updated: 11/13/15