Transportation and Parking Services

Volunteer Permits

Purchase a Permit

Volunteers can purchase parking permits online by typing in their PODS ID and password to login. 

If you intend to buy a permit online, your vehicle must be registered with the University. To do so, email a clear, readable copy of your vehicle registration along with your full name and B# to Insurance information and titles are not needed. Your vehicle will then be added to your account within two business days or less. Sign on to your account to confirm the addition. A return email will not be sent. 

Volunteer Permits

Volunteers pay a one-time registration fee per vehicle they register each academic year. The current fee is $25.

Permit Display

Decals are to be adhered to the right side of the front-inside windshield, opposite of car registration information. Decals must be peeled from their liner and applied directly to the inside of the windshield. They may not be temporarily applied to the vehicle.

Last Updated: 8/18/16