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The Binghamton University Writing Initiative is the home of First-Year Writing and the Writing Center, and shares strategic alliances and institutional space with the English as a Second Language Program. Our mission is to foster the academic and civic literacies essential for success in the university and beyond.  Our focus on writing is not simply an attempt to help students acquire rudimentary skills, however, but to prepare them to articulate complex positions in a variety of genres and contexts. Designed by specialists and informed by current research, our courses promote writing as a way of learning about and engaging in the most important issues of our time.

We offer undergraduates a range of first-year and upper-division writing courses, publish outstanding student essays in Binghamton Writes: A Journal of First-Year Writing, and provide writing tutoring across the disciplines and on all levels. We offer PhD candidates both required and elective courses in rhetoric and writing studies, an intensive mentoring program, and the opportunity to earn Graduate Certification in Teaching College Composition.

Through our promotion of writing both within and beyond the academy, the Binghamton community of writers grows. Writing is a lifelong activity, and learning to write well is a process that never ends. The Writing Initiative strives to support writers working in academic, personal, and civic contexts and--through our commitment to best practices in writing instruction--serves as a model for writing programs around the globe. For more on the history of our program, read our "Program Profile" in Composition Forum

---Dr. Paul Shovlin, Director



First-Year Writing Wins CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence

Competing with writing programs across the globe, Binghamton University's First-Year Writing program, a division of the Writing Initiative, has been awarded the 2011 Conference on College Composition and Communication's prestigious Certificate of Writing Program Excellence. Past winners include Duke University, Central European University, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Ohio State University, Purdue University, the University of Toronto, and Washington State University.

First-Year Writing is proud to join the ranks of these long-standing programs at top institutions. Described by the selection committee as an "aspiring and growing program," First-Year Writing is recognized for our commitment to language diversity; for our theoretically informed sequence of courses; for our thorough and ongoing portfolio and program assessment; for our small class sizes; and for our imaginative approaches to graduate student and faculty development.

Binghamton University and First-Year Writing were honored on April 8, 2011 at the Conference on College Composition and Communication's Annual Awards Ceremony. Along with application coauthors Mark Brantner, former Visiting Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetorics, and Kristi Murray Costello, former Associate Director of First-Year Writing, former Director Kelly Kinney accepted the award.

Amanda Winer

Amanda Winer is a senior studying History, Judaic Studies and Classical Civilization.  She is proud to serve as the Marketing Intern for the Writing Initiative through the Faculty-Student Scholarship Program.  Amanda served as a tutor in the Writing Center for two semesters and as the President of the Class of 2012.  She is the Coordinator of Binghamton's Challah for Hunger chapter, a campus tour guide, Service Ambassador for the Center for Civic Engagement and much more!  In her free time, Amanda enjoys playing volleyball, working with children and helping others.

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