Contact the Writing Initiative

By Mail
Writing Initiative
Binghamton University
Academic Building A 101
P. O. Box 6000
Binghamton NY 13902-6000

By Express Delivery
Writing Initiative
Academic Building A 101
4400 Vestal PKWY E
Vestal NY 13850

By Telephone



Via Directors and Staff

Kelly Kinney, Director, Writing Initiative and First-Year Writing and Assistant Professor of English, General Literature and Rhetoric 
kkinney@binghamton.eduor 607.777.4512

Robert Danberg, Coordinator of Campus-Wide Writing Support

Sean Fenty, Associate Director, First-Year Writing or 607.777.6706

Aja Martinez, Assistant Professor of English, General Literature, and Rhetoric 

Paul Shovlin, Director, Writing Center or 607.777.6729

Wendy Stewart, Lecturer of First-Year Writing 

Jennifer Brondell, Director, English as a Second Language Program
or 607.777.6733

Barb Zwick, Writing Initiative Secretary or 607.777.6725

Last Updated: 2/26/15