Community Engagement Program (CEP)

The Asian American and Diaspora Studies Program houses an active Community Engagement Program (CEP) that seeks to bridge the gap between academy and community by encouraging students to develop supervised projects in the fields of education, business, social sciences, sciences, and the humanities. Eligible students can take advantage of the Peter T. and Shun Yee Chang Memorial Internship that provides a stipend for interns to undertake projects related to the history, experiences and contributions of Chinese Americans and their communities.

The projects involve regular seminar meetings, semester-long research and development of a major project, and must lead to a campus/community event that:

  • Educates the campus and public about some aspect of Asian American communities.

  • Culminates in a final project or study that can be accessed by the academic body and general public via a publicly available database, collection, or paper.

Register with instructor permission. Limited to juniors and seniors.

Lisa Yun, Program Director

  • Peter T. and Shun Yee Chang Memorial Internship

    The Asian American and Diaspora Studies program offers students an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Asian diasporic communities. The program's intellectual purview includes the study of Asian communities situated outside Asia, as well as communities that reside as minorities within the continent, with special interest in studies of majority-minority relations. Particular focus is paid to Asians in the Americas, which includes those in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. The course offerings are wide-ranging and rigorous, consisting of lower- and upper-division undergraduate courses and advanced-level graduate courses.

    Through its diverse curriculum and sponsorship of Asian American- and Asian diaspora-related events, the program provides students with an invaluable education into the historical, cultural, and political dimensions of diasporic and minority experiences. The program endeavors to not only build bridges between but amalgamate distinct but related scholarly arenas, including ethnic studies with area studies; Asian American Studies with African American, Latino, Caribbean, and Native American Studies; and Asian and Asian American scholarship with global, transnational, and diasporic approaches.

    The program is also committed to the important task of narrowing the traditional gaps that have hindered beneficial relationships between academy and community, faculty and students, and knowledge and experience.

  • Biography of Audie Chang (Internship Sponsor)

    The Chinese Studies program offers students a diverse curriculum centered on Chinese language, literature, culture and society. Its rigorous language curriculum stresses verbal and textual mastery, cultural competency, and includes courses in Chinese linguistics and language pedagogy. Content courses explore both ancient and modern Chinese literature, visual arts, society, history, philosophy, and economics. The Chinese Studies faculty stress both global/transnational perspectives and area/regional knowledge and linguistic skills, in order to best prepare students for a broad spectrum of future educational and career goals and opportunities.

Students who wish to participate in an internship and who have previously been convicted of a felony are advised that they will be asked about their prior criminal history. This may impede your ability to participate in certain internships. Students who have concerns about such matters, or are looking for additional information, are advised to contact the dean's office of their intended academic program.