Appointment Scheduling

Booking an Appointment via B-Successful

1. Navigate to the portal and click on the B-Successful link.


2. Select Schedule an appointment.

Time Tap Landing

3. Select the service from My Success Services for which you would like to book an appointment.

My Success Services

4. Once on the services booking page, carefully read the instructions as different services may have different instructions. When finished, click Next.

Time Tap Booking Site

5. Follow the prompts to select the staff member, location, and/or service for which you would like to schedule. Some offices may start with a location rather than a staff member.

Time Tap

Time Tap Location

Time Tap Service

6. Choose the date and time for your appointment.  The time displayed is for the date highlighted on the calendar.

Time Tap Cal

7. To receive text message reminders for your appointment, input your cell phone number and check the Send Text Message Reminder box. 

Time Tap SMS

8. Choose how far in advance you would like to receive a text message reminder by clicking the dropdown arrow.

Time Tap SMS 2

9. Enter the reason for your appointment.

Time Tap SMS 3

10. Click the Save button.

Time Tap Save

11. Once complete, a confirmation screen will appear.

Time Tap Confirmation

12. Check your Binghamton University email for details about your upcoming appointment.

Time Tap Confirmation Email

To schedule another appointment navigate to the portal and repeat the process.

Cancel or reschedule your appointment

To cancel or reschedule your appointment, follow the link at the bottom of your confirmation email.

Time Tap Cancel

Select Reschedule or Cancel

Time Tap Cancel Option

If you are canceling your appointment, please provide a reason for cancellation.

Time Tap Cancel Reason

Check your Binghamton University email for confirmation.

My Account Settings

The My Account settings page allows you to view past and future appointments. To get started click My Account.

Time Tap Account

Select View Appointments

Time Tap My Account

Select from Upcoming, Completed, Cancelled, or No Show. If you would like to cancel, reschedule an appointment, or view information about your appointment, click the View Details magnifying glass icon.

Time Tap My Account

Select Reschedule or Cancel

Time Tap My Account