History of Binghamton's Collegiate Professors

When Binghamton’s Vestal campus was being built in the 1960s, a movement to develop a more collegiate-oriented university structure — like that at England’s Oxford University, which groups students into small, independently operating colleges led by faculty masters — had gained popularity nationwide because many students felt universities were getting too big and impersonal.

Since Binghamton University had already experienced its own tremendous growth and anticipated more to come, the idea appealed to administrators, who were concerned about the negative effect additional growth could have on students. Thus, a collegiate structure was adopted for Binghamton’s residential communities and colleges.

In the early days, Binghamton’s collegiate structure looked much like the traditional model. Residential communities were clustered into groups of approximately 1,000 students; each college cultivated its own identity, had its own governing body, provided many of its own services and was led by a faculty master. These early faculty masters served as directors of their respective colleges, with full budgetary, disciplinary and departmental oversight. They were supported by professional staff members who reported directly to them, along with a group of faculty fellows who taught courses within their college.

Over time, Binghamton’s collegiate structure has changed, and so has the role of our faculty masters, whose designation was changed to collegiate professor in March 2016. No longer tasked with the overall administration of their college/community, today’s collegiate professors focus on bridging the gap between students’ academic lives and their lives outside the classroom.

Faculty members from many different disciplines (listed below by residential college/community) have served as Collegiate Professors at Binghamton; each has brought something special to the role.

Dickinson Community
Paul Smith 1967-1969
Carrol Coates 1969-1975
None 1975-1985
Steve Erber 1985-1991
Libby Tucker 1991-1999
Stan Masters 1999-2003
Burrell Montz 2003-2008
Jeff Barker 2008-2015
Kim Jaussi 2015-present
Hinman College
Pete Gruber 1967-1973
Vito Sinisi 1973-1981
Nick Sterling 1981-1985
Al Haber 1985-1990
Nick Sterling 1990-1998
Al Vos 1998-2020
Dana Stewart, interim 2020-2021
Jay Newberry 2022-present
College-in-the Woods
Paul Smith 1969-1972
Carrol Coates 1972-1975
Pat Speyser 1975-1980
Richard Dalfiume 1980-1984
Linda Spear 1984-1987
Bill Isbell 1987-1990
Mike Conlon 1990-2000
Tony Preus 2000-2016
Stephen Ortiz 2016-2021
Andy Merriwether 2022-present
Newing College
Mario DiCesare 1967-1968
Robert Hart 1968-1969
Ken Anderson 1969-1973
John Holt (interim) 1974
Bob Pompi 1974-1980
Jerry Ramsey 1980-1984
Augie Mueller 1984-1998
Gary Truce 1998-2006
Bill Ziegler 2006-2012
Mark Reisinger 2012-2021
Mountainview College
Rachelle Moore 2003-2005
Bob Emerson 2005-2011
Kevin Wright 2011-2017
Libby Tucker 2017-2018
Dana Stewart 2018-present
Apartment Communities (Hillside/Susquehanna)
Libby Tucker 2006-2009
Mark Reisinger 2009-2012
George Catalano 2013-2014