Sarah Bellemare

Sarah Bellemare
Sarah Bellemare
International Admissions Counselor
 (01) 607–777–3161

I came to Binghamton as a graduate student in 2012, and I wish I had found Binghamton so much sooner!

Coming from a small liberal arts college, I expected Binghamton to be your typical disjointed public school where none of the students know each other and professors are rarely seen. But what I found was an amazing community where students really value their education and their classmates and where faculty are actually committed to teaching and working closely with students.

I was also impressed by the big role Binghamton’s international students played in classrooms, residential communities and student groups. I saw them organizing campus groups, playing on intramural sports teams, making real contributions to class discussions, volunteering or working in the wider Binghamton community; even taking on the role of residential assistant in their dorms.

I met so many amazing international students at Binghamton, and with the help of a few of them (and some really awesome professors) I found a job in Beijing. There, I was able to use my graduate degree from Binghamton to help Chinese news organizations reach readers around the globe. When I came back to the U.S., it seemed only natural that I would return to Binghamton.

Now, I’m lucky enough to help students from all over the world access a valuable Binghamton education and find their place in this great community. So email me or come visit our campus! I’m always here to answer questions or just talk to you about how Binghamton can help you meet your goals. I can’t wait to help you find your Binghamton Bearcat spirit!