Life at Binghamton

1,000,000 Things to do

Part of college is building friendships while having fun and we know how to do it right here at Binghamton University! Our students are provided with a variety of options that promote an active and healthy lifestyle on campus.


280+ student-run clubs and organizations to get involved in and connect with on campus
What Club WIll You Join?

With so many events, music and theater performances, clubs, activities and nightlife on campus, Binghamton puts the life in campus life! There’s something for everyone! Binghamton is a residential school where students develop close friendships that shape their experiences and memories. And don’t forget the food! Sushi, Kosher, gluten-free, vegan, smoothies, tacos, midnight pizza – our residential dining halls have reinvented college food.

Life at Binghamton

Binghamton University has as much to offer in the way of fun as it does in education. There are thousands of ways to get involved on our campus.