New-Student Information

Virtual sessions for new Bearcats!

Welcome, new Bearcats! We have a bunch of new virtual sessions  just for you, an incoming Binghamton student.  Sign up for one or more to interact with current students and the Admissions team. You can always view recordings of previous topics you may have missed. (Note: All times are Eastern Daylight.)

Plus, don't forget to check out these enrolled-student websites:

New-student website -- Orientation, course registration and other must-do's and must-know's before you arrive on campus.

The Bearcat Den -- Here's where new Bearcats go for fun! You'll find social media forums for students and families, a Spotify playlist, wallpaper for your phone, Binghamton merch and more! 

Email us any time at or text us at +1 607-304-3212

Trivia Nights!

Test your Binghamton and general knowledge at trivia nights. You'll be on a team with other new Bearcats for a great bonding experience!

Sign up for a Virtual Webinar!