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headshot of Lubna Omar

Lubna Omar

Lecturer; Associate Director/CMENAS

Anthropology; Center for Middle East and North Africa Studies


Omar is a zooarchaeologist whose research and teaching interests broadly focus on the archaeology of human and animal relations, including complex societies in the Near East and the emergence of Urban economies and subsistence resources in prehistoric and historical settlements. She carried out field work in Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Japan, but her primary research focus is on northern Mesopotamia, aiming to reconstruct the socio-economic patterns of urban centers using the analysis of the animal remains and illustrate the development of urbanism in the region during the Bronze Age and later periods. She is currently working on publishing the results of previous field work from Syrian sites to highlight the importance of documenting archaeological work in this critical region.


  • PhD, Kyoto University

Research Interests

  • Zooarchaeology
  • Near Eastern Archaeology