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headshot of Matthew V. Emery

Matthew V. Emery

Research Assistant Professor



Emery is interested in a wide range of biomolecular applications in forensic, anthropological, and the (bio)archaeological sciences. To date, Emery’s research has focused on applying ancient DNA and next-generation sequencing methods to highly degraded archaeological and forensic human bones and teeth. Currently, Emery’s research is focused on integrating ancient DNA extraction methods with those employed in modern forensic DNA laboratories. His analysis seeks to better understand the nature of DNA degradation of forensic human remains when subjected to high-intensity thermal changes from the surrounding environment, such as fire.

His previous Master’s research focused on deciphering the geographic origins of American and British soldiers who died during the War of 1812, using isotope and multi-criteria evaluation-GIS analysis. His PhD research employed a suite of molecular techniques, such isotope and ancient DNA analysis, to reconstruct the biogeographic origins of pre-Roman and Roman period individuals recovered from southern Italy.


  • PhD, McMaster University

Research Interests

  • Ancient DNA
  • Forensic genetics
  • Bioarchaeology
  • Molecular anthropology

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