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headshot of Randall H. McGuire

Randall H. McGuire

Distinguished Professor



Randall McGuire is an archaeologist primarily interested in the development of power relations in the past. He has carried out most of his fieldwork in the U.S. Southwest and is currently conducting a long-term field project in northwest Mexico. He has also done historical archaeology and oral history research in the northeastern U.S. In 2010, he completed a project investigating the 1913-1914 coal strike in southern Colorado. He is starting research in contemporary archaeology on the U.S. – Mexican border around Nogales, Arizona. In addition to historical archaeology, history and ethnology, his interests include quantitative methods, social theory, cultural resource management and archaeomagnetic dating.


  • McGuire, Randall H. 2002 A Marxist Archaeology. Percheron Press, Clinton Corners (Reissue of McGuire 1992)
  • 2008 Archaeology as Political Action. University of California Press, Berkeley.
  • Sheridan, Thomas and Randall H. McGuire (Editors) 2019 The Border and its Bodies: The Embodiment of the Risk along the U.S.-México Line. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.
  • McGuire, Randall H. 2020 The Materiality and Heritage of Modern Forced Migration. Annual Review of Anthropology. 49:175-191.
  • McAtackney, Laura and Randall H. McGuire (Editors) 2020 Walling in and Walling Out: Why are We Building New Barriers to Divide Us? SAR Press, Santa Fe.


  • Phd, MA, University of Arizona

Research Interests

  • Archaeology
  • Social theory
  • Historical archaeology
  • US Southwest
  • Northern Mexico


  • 2016 Patty Jo Watson Distinguished Lecturer, American Anthropological Association
  • 2002 McGraw-Hill AAA Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching of Anthropology
  • 1998 Harpur College Dean’s Distinguished Lecturer
  • 1997 Binghamton University Award for Excellence in Research
  • 1994 Binghamton University, Educational Opportunity Program, Faculty Staff Recognition Award
  • 1993 Milton Fried Prize from the General Anthropology Division of the American Anthropological Association
  • 1992 State University of New York, Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • 1992 Binghamton University Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching